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The New Mutant Movies cut ties with X-men franchise

The latest cut of The ‘ New Mutant ‘ movie reportedly cuts all the ties with X-Men franchise. Remember The New Mutant movie that was going to come out in 2018? Nor do most others.

The New Mutants is a superhero horror movie about a group of teenagers being experimented on in a secret facility. The film is an adaption of a comic by the name ‘New Mutant’. 

Fox Studios continuously delayed the movie, and there were reportedly extensive reshoots. Another giant blow was the acquisition of Fox studious by Disney. The deal enabled Marvel to get back the rights to the X-Men and mutants. The deal worsened the situation for X-Men: Dark Phoenix and New Mutants. X-Men: Dark Phoenix was the last release and the less said about it the better.

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Marvel is going to reboot X-Men and integrate that world into the MCU with a new cast and by developing new storylines. Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios even hinted that they are working on merging the X-Men universe into the MCU and there is a lot of anticipation to see what exactly happens.

What is the Future of the New Mutants movie?

According to the news reports, Disney might want to setup New Mutants in the MCU. The movie has officially cut ties to the X-Men universe and the changes are rumoured to have been made by Kevin Feige himself.

Marvel has been very secretive and tight-lipped about how mutants could be introduced into the MCU. Disney was not happy with the previous cut of the movie, and they did reshoot extensively with Kevin Feige reportedly being closely involved. Whatever happens, fans hope that mutants and the X-Men enter the MCU as soon as possible(Obviously with Hugh as Wolverine)!

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