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The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Season 2: Release Info, Rumors, Updates

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter is a Winter 2021 fantasy anime series with ecchi and humorous overtone. With a typical clueless protagonist, a sister with an intense brother complex, and a group of women of various standings interested in him, the anime may seem bland.

However, riveting plot devices and an ample amount of self-awareness bring this Hidden Dungeon to stand out among other ecchi anime.

The season just ended with Noir free to search through his personal dungeon, and fans are waiting impatiently to know about its Season 2.

The story revolves around Noir, who gets his hands on a dungeon only he can access. He finds Olivia trapped inside and learns under her. She gifts him three skills, and Noir uses them to join the Hero Academy.

The anime focuses on the harem genre, so Noir trains and fights, all the while he cluelessly spends time with gorgeous women to increase his Life Points. His hidden dungeon is a place of mystery, and the only answer to that is Exploration!

In the finale, Noir defeats the doppelganger with the help of Emma, Lola, Luna and Leila. As the Death Chains vanish, he succeeds in freeing his teacher and grasps the opportunity to become stronger.

As everything goes back to normal, fans still wonder who might be the man whom Olivia declined to train, 200 years ago… and why did he look like Noir? These questions could only be answered as Noir traverses through the rest of the dungeon.

If you are interested to know about this comic dungeon trope anime, be sure to catch The Hidden Dungeon Only I Entry. There might be a big chance we will get our answers in Season 2!

1. Season 2 Release Date

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Season 2 has not been announced as of now. We should receive an announcement for the anime by Fall 2022 if a second season does air.

The anime initially aired on Crunchyroll with the original Japanese version with English subtitles. Later, it was announced that Crunchyroll would also air its dubbed version from March.

The first season was produced by animation studio Okuruto Noboru, which is now busy producing the 2021 release, How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Ω

There has been no official confirmation of a The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter sequel from the creators, the studio or Crunchyroll so far.

Six volumes of the light novel series have been published to date, and 5 of them have been adapted for Season 1. There isn’t enough source material available for an anime sequel.

However, the author has been publishing books regularly so that situation will change by 2022. Season 2 could also adapt the skipped events and arcs from the previous volumes.

Fans either love or hate the series and the adaptation of a sequel depends on the book and DVD sales. Similar cases have happened to many other ecchi/harem trope anime.

2. What To Expect From Season 2

We see Noir defeat Olivia’s clone at the end of Season 1, and Noir and Olivia spend few peaceful days at the Sturgia household with Emma. Meanwhile, Noir now has permission to explore the rest of the dungeon as there are no more Death Chains. He vows to train and get stronger using the dungeon.

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter anime was adapted from the light novel haphazardly. With the sequence of events messed up and some arcs skipped entirely, the plot of Season 2 is unsure.

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Season 2: Release Info
The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter | Source: Fandom

However, we can assume that the story will pick up from Volume 6 and adapt the skipped events from Volume 4 and 5.

In Season 2, Noir’s shop might thrive as he gets to explore the newer levels in the dungeon. Gillan, Noir’s brother, might make an appearance as Noir travels to the City of Hornest.

Meanwhile, a treasure hunter girl Mira is sure to upend Noir’s plan to become the King of his Grade, but we can only wait till the anime sequel to watch what happens next.

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3. About The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter is a light novel series by Meguru Seto. It is illustrated by Note Takehana. It is receiving an anime adaptation in January 2021.

Noir is a son of a minor noble but he lost his job as soon as the anime begins. However, he possesses a rare magic skill because of which he can summon a sage who can advise him. After listening to his advice, Noir decides to enter a secret dungeon where he can battle and train.

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