The Complete Watch Guide Of Parasyte The Maxim

Science fiction, body horror, and a pinch of romance. This mash of genres turns out to be the perfect recipe for an amazingly engaging anime, that is, Parasyte!

Parasyte - the maxim - Official Trailer AUS
Parasyte-The Maxim | Official Trailer

From episode 1 to the last episode, every single moment in the anime will keep you glued to your screen. Even in its seemingly mundane moments, there is an unsettling feeling because you never know what’s going to happen next.

Parasyte ends every episode with a cliffhanger and has the perfect formula for binge-watching!

1. Release Order

  • Season 1: Parasyte The Maxim (2014-15)
  • Episodes: 24

2. Will there be Season 2?

Parasyte the Maxim is based on the manga, Parasyte. Since the manga has ended and the Season 1 adapts the complete manga, there won’t be a Season 2.

3. Conclusion

Watch Guide Of Parasyte The Maxim
Shinichi | Source: Netflix

Since there is only one season of Parasyte, there isn’t a specific order for watching it.

4. Quick Review

I. Story and Characters

The premise of Parasyte is quite unique. The strange concept, coupled with great pacing, adds to the binge-worthy-ness of this anime.

There are no boring parts and each episode leaves you craving for more.

At the beginning of Parasyte, we get a set of characters who are confused, daunted, and traumatized. Still, they develop into people who are courageous and willing to survive no matter what.

All the characters are very well fleshed out and make the anime even more entertaining!

II. Animation and Soundtrack

The animation of Parasyte is brilliant! It is highly detailed and highlights the unsettling aspects of the show.

Parasyte The Maxim - Migi fight with parasyte dog
Shinichi & Migi vs Parasyte Dog

If you’re not a fan of body horror, try not to watch it all in one go as the series mostly contains unnatural modifications of human bodies and massive splatters of blood.

The soundtrack is equally unsettling and compliments the animation.

5. About Parasyte

Parasyte is a manga of the sci-fi, horror, and psychological genre, which is even grim at times. The story is about a certain species of a parasite-like alien creature that needs a human host to survive.

These creatures also slowly consume the host. But once they have taken over a human body, they can wreak havoc by manifesting ghastly features like blades, demon-wings, huge teeth, etc.

The life of a high school boy, Shinichi changes as his right hand is taken over by one such parasite named Migi. But Shinichi fights for control over his own body and tries to save the world from being thrown into utter chaos.

The portrayal of the battle scenes and the conflicts between humans and aliens is very graphically represented. And this seems to attract the horror enthusiast amongst us.


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