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Kingdom: Who will be the final Six Great Generals of Qin?

The great Ren Pa once said that to be a Great General, a warrior needs the will, knowledge, strength, luck, and knowledge of a hundred men. In Kingdom, a Great General is the highest-ranking position in any military structure, and those with this rank are considered […]

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Kingdom: 15 Greatest Generals, Ranked!

The rank of ‘Great General’ is the highest position in most military organizations. Those who hold the rank carry the responsibility of commanding multitudes of soldiers in countless battles. Generals in Kingdom are considered the most experienced and talented commanders who become living symbols […]

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New Artists Bless Kingdom Season 4 Theme Songs, Visual Revealed

With Kingdom season 4 nearing the battlefield, the franchise gives a glimpse of how Shin and the party will face the upcoming war. Kingdom season 4 showcases a dashing visual and the theme songs for the series. The opening theme song is titled, Rei-ray- and Dazzling will be the ending theme […]