Am I Actually the Strongest? Anime News

First PV of ‘Am I Actually the Strongest?’ Creates Buzz Around the World

Isekai anime tend to be both imaginative and fun, with loads of heart. The entire premise of the genre allows for action, introspection, personal growth, and fantastic animation, and one such story is “Am I Actually the Strongest?” Isekai fans buckle as the “Am I Actually the Strongest?'[…]

Anime Coming Soon My Dress-Up Darling Upcoming Anime Seasons

My Dress-Up Darling Season 2: Release Date and Latest Updates

“My Dress-Up Darling” is one of the more unexpected anime blockbusters of 2022. At the beginning of the series, the reclusive Wakana Gojo, whose main pastime is making Hina ningyo dolls, establishes an unusual friendship with Marin Kitagawa, a popular girl at his school. It turns out Marin[…]

Anime Mashiro no Oto News

Mashiro no Oto Announces April 2021 Release, Updates

The music genre has some great anime titles like Nana, Your Lie in April, K-On! and Detroit Metal City. All of these have taken unique approaches to this genre and presented us with good music, hilarious stories, and touching moments. The combination of music and anime has always proved heartwarming, and it elevates the usual […]