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Mashiro no Oto Announces April 2021 Release, Updates

The music genre has some great anime titles like Nana, Your Lie in April, K-On! and Detroit Metal City. All of these have taken unique approaches to this genre and presented us with good music, hilarious stories, and touching moments.

The combination of music and anime has always proved heartwarming, and it elevates the usual anime experience. It won’t be a lie to admit that a melancholic background score has often brought tears to our eyes.

Reports had hit the internet on August 2, hinting an anime adaptation for Mashiro no Oto by Studio Shin-Ei Animation in 2021.

Mashiro no Oto announces April 2021 release
Setsu Sawamura | Source: Mashiro no Oto

These reports were finally confirmed when the official Twitter account and website for Mashiro no Oto made a list of announcements.

It was announced on August 5 that an anime adaptation of Mashiro no Oto will air in April 2021.

✨ Tsugaru Shamisen resonating teaser PV ban ✨

Yuki Sawamura lost his grandfather and moved to Tokyo from Aomori.

I searched for what my own sound was, and the place I arrived at was a live house…

The answer in the Snow, who is still playing the Tsugaru Shamisen, 

TV animation will start broadcasting in April 2021! #Mashiro no Oto

English Translation, Twitter Translate

A promotional video was released on the DMM Pictures YouTube channel.

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Mashiro no Oto PV

The first promotional video for the series was accompanied by a key visual of Setsu Sawamura playing the Shamisen.

TV animation decision ✨

Tsugaru shamisen x youth story drawn by Dr. Marimo Ragawa, serialized in “Monthly Shonen Magazine,” #Mashiro no Oto is decided to be a TV animation in April 2021!

A teaser visual of Sawamura playing the Tsugaru Shamisen at the live house is also released. 🎶


English Translation, Twitter Translate

It was also revealed that Nobunaga Shimazaki would voice Setsu Sawamura, the series protagonist.

The Staff

Original StoryMarimo Ragawa(Serialized in Kodansha “Monthly Shonen Magazine”)
DirectedHiroaki Akagi
Series compositionKaichi
Character DesignJiro Mashima
Supervision of Tsugaru ShamisenYoshida Brothers
Animation productionShinei Video

Cast announcement✨

A high school student with a talent for the Tsugaru Shamisen, Setsu Sawamura, who came to Tokyo from Aomori.


Will play.

Comments from Mr. Shimazaki are also posted on the official website. #Mashiro no Oto

English Translation, Twitter Translate

Marimo Ragawa, the mangaka behind the series, published a special illustration in commemoration of the anime adaptation. A colored paper version of the illustration would be given to a single fan via a lottery. All one needs to do is tweet the corresponding tweet any time between August 5 and 19.

✨ Illustration gift from Marimo Ragawa

To commemorate the animation, #Shigeru Ragawa will draw an illustration. A colored paper with this festive illustration will be given to one person by lottery.


 Follow & Apply for this post at RT.

Application deadline: Until August 19 at 25:39

#Mashiro no Oto

English Translation, Twitter Translate

Mashiro no Oto also completed its 10th anniversary in May this year. This makes a great time for the manga to receive an anime adaptation, allowing fans to relive the tale.

About Mashiro no Oto

Mashiro no Oto is a music, drama manga written and illustrated by Marimo Ragawa. It began serialization in Kodansha’s Monthly Shonen Magazine from April 6, 2010.

It revolves around Setsu Sawamura. His grandfather, responsible for raising him and his brother Wakana passes away.

His grandfather played the Shamisen, a traditional Japanese musical instrument, and was one of the greatest known shamisen players. Both Setsu and Wakana had grown up listening to the instrument and learning it from their grandfather.

After his death, Setsu dropped out of high school and moved to Tokyo. He started drifting, knowing nothing besides how to play his shamisen.

That’s when his successful and rich mother, Umeko, storms into his life. In an attempt to shape up his life, she enrolls him back into high school. There Setsu has a chance encounter with an idol star hopeful that leads him on a journey to regaining his passion.

Source: Twitter

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