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Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 20: Arnheid’s Poignant Goodbye!

The latest episode of Vinland Saga was the most poignant episode in the history of anime. It was filled with subtle touching movements and this single episode seemed to capture the entire season in one go! We have to come to witness the death of Arnheid as her journey comes to an end. It was tragic yet […]

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Is Vinland Saga historically accurate? Is it based on a true story?

Vinland Saga portrays a dramatic, heart-wrenching tale of revenge in a unique setting. But what makes the series stand out from other action anime is the fact that its story is based on true events to some extent. Many characters in Vinland Saga are inspired by their real-life counterparts that exis

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New Trailer for Vinland Saga S2 Previews a Dramatic Ending Theme

Vinland Saga is all set for its debut next month as the new year begins, but are we ready for all that awaits us in this upcoming season? While the first season that came out in 2019 was a huge hit, it showed us how brutal the plot is. From mindless bloodshed to psychological warfare, the story.

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Vikings S6 Heading to Amazon Prime Before History

The second part of Vikings’ sixth and final season is landing soon. The sixth season premiered on the History channel late last year and aired ten episodes before going on a hiatus. Now Amazon has revealed that Prime members can get to know how the series ends before the rest of the world- the[…]