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The Exorcist: Believer Ending Explained- Gullible Choices

The final scenes of The Exorcist: Believer feature a climactic exorcism that determines the lives of Katherine and Angela, the two girls possessed by demons in the film. This sequel follows their families, who are connected by Victor, a man who seeks out Chris MacNeil for her experience with the o[…]

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Does Anyone Die In Yuri On Ice?

No one has died yet in Yuri on Ice; however, some fans are not optimistic about the future. Yuri on Ice is packed with romance, sports, and comedy; however, many wonder if something darker is hidden beneath its beauty. With a new teaser trailer released for Yuri!! On Ice, the movie: Ice Adolescence […]

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Yuri!! On Ice Movie: Ice Adolescence Release Updates And Teaser

Yuri!! On Ice is one of that famed anime that no anime lover can escape. Romance, sports, comedy, this series has it all. The anime is applauded for its plot, execution as well as songs. Who else has “History Maker” in their playlist even after four years of the series’ release? The plot of[…]

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Boruto Anime Reveals Kara’s Joker – an Extremely Brutal Character

The latest episode of Boruto finally unleashed Kara’s Joker, Deepa, and the cold-blooded killer proves to the elite ninjas just how brutal he can be. So far, the focus has been on Jigen lecturing the lackeys in an underwhelming debut. However, if you’ve read the manga, you know the group has quite a few influential […]