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Netflix’s Uncut Gems: Non-actors Bring a Real-Life Touch to the Film

One of the best films to come out of 2019, Uncut Gems, is finally on Netflix. This Adam Sandler starrer follows a gambling addict jewelry store owner after he finds a rare uncut gem from Ethiopia. The film’s name takes a whole new meaning when you realise that it features multiple civilians in key roles, […]

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Should you watch Uncut Gems or skip it? Complete Review

In cahoots with very bad guys, New York jewelry salesman and compulsive gambling addict Howard Ratner thinks he’s found a way out; an opal from an Ethiopian diamond mine that could potentially get him over 1 million USD. The catch? A famous basketball player has roped him into lending it out, and getting it back […]

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Here’s A List Of Top 35 Things To Watch On Netflix In May 2020

Netflix’s list of releases coming in May has a lot of high rated titles you shouldn’t miss. From the second season of dark comedy Dead to Me to Ryan Murphy’s debut series Hollywood, there’s plenty to keep your watchlist populated. Among others, coming this month are Space Force, Control Z, Sweet Magnolias, The Half of […]