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The Truth About Toya Todoroki! Does Shoto Know Dabi Is His Brother?

Just when we thought the Todoroki family couldn’t get any more tragic! The revelation of Dabi’s true identity as Toya Todoroki sure was a shocker– most of all for the Todoroki family. Toya was believed to be dead for around ten years. Everyone thought he’d burned himself to cinders with his own quirk[…]

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My Hero Academia Reveals Why Natsuo Hates His Dad Endeavor [SPOILER ALERT]

The creators of My Hero Academia have released 250 chapters so far. However, little to no information has been given on the disappearance of Shoto’s elder brother Toya Todoroki. Looks like the series is moving forward to reveal Toya Todoroki’s unfortunate demise. Or maybe Toya will be revealed as none other than the fiery villain, […]