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The Yuzuki Family’s Four Sons: Episode 2 Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online

In The Yuzuki Family’s Four Sons Episode 1077, Kaido’s body plummeted through the Earth’s crust and into the magma below. On the other hand, if Yamato hadn’t arrived in time to save Luffy, he might have also died. The samurai, pirates, and their supporters celebrated Luffy’s victory over Kaido. Hiyori, Denjiro[…]

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Crunchyroll To Stream Five New Anime Titles This Fall

Crunchyroll has been extra aggressive while acquiring the rights for multiple anime despite the tough competition from other streaming platforms. The 2023 Fall lineup looks fantastic, and Crunchyroll is streaming most of these titles. Crunchyroll has officially broken its record of the most licensed[…]