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Sola Entertainment Produces New Rick and Morty Animated Short

We love Rick and Morty in English. But it is now time to love them in Japanese. AdultSwim, in collaboration with Sola Entertainment, aired “The Great Yokai Battle of Akihabara,” an 11-minute long animated short for the Rick and Morty animated television series, on Sunday. The animated short will follow […]

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Review: Is Solar Opposites Any Good? Worth A Watch?

If you even glance at one episode of Solar Opposites, you will notice its resemblance to the critically acclaimed series Rick And Morty. The resemblance is pretty natural- the creator of both the shows are Justin Roiland. While the two shows share many things, Solar Opposites cannot be…

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Hulu’s Solar Opposites Renewed for Two More Seasons

Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan like Gods for all adult animation lovers! After a very successful Rick and Morty, the creators’ latest work of art Solar Opposites has taken the adult animation world by storm. So much so that Hulu has renewed not one but two seasons of the sci-fi comedy series. Here’s the announcement […]