Alice Gear Aegis Expansion Anime News

New Promo for Alice Gear Aegis Expansion Reveals Release Date

The futuristic dystopian story of Alice Gear Aegis is ready to arrive next month. As previously stated, it will be an anime series. Originally based on the popular game series, fans would be excited to watch the Actresses beat the Weiss with their mechanical bodysuits. On Friday, the official[…]

Alice Gear Aegis Anime News

Combat Smartphone Game, Alice Gear Aegis, Gets OVA in Summer 2021

Alice Gear Aegis, the popular smartphone game, is on its way to receive an anime OVA soon! After the game achieved massive success, the creators have decided to test it out in the anime market. More information on the upcoming OVA has been revealed! Weapon girls called “Actresses” have to fight[…]