A Herbivorous Dragon of 5000 Years Gets Unfairly Villainized Anime News

Ravendia and Reiko Arrive Again on January 6 in Japanese Dub!

Kaisei Enomoto’s “A Herbivorous Dragon of 5,000 Years Gets Unfairly Villainized” light novel series was recently adapted into a Chinese-dubbed anime series. The Japanese dubbed version is set to arrive in the following month as revealed by the new trailer. On Saturday, the official website for the[…]

Anime News Wonder Egg Priority

Wonder Egg Priority Releases Eggciting New Opening and Ending Themes

If someone granted you a wish for free, what would you wish for? Keep in mind that the wishes granted for free are often the costliest, and Wonder Egg Priority is an example of just that. Ai Ohto was handed a mysterious egg but her reality changes when she cracks it open. What springs out of[…]

Anime Love Live! News

Love Live! Sunshine VA Unit Aqours Reveals MV For Their 5th Anniversary

If you are into musical anime, you must be aware of Aqours, the nine-member voice actress unit born from the Love Live! Sunshine!! Franchise. Time indeed flies swiftly, as it has already been five years since Aqours debuted. They will celebrate their fifth anniversary this June with a blast […]