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Demon Slayer Spin-off? Will there be a sequel?

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba saw a migration of its anime fan base to its manga fandom because of its promising enterprise. This increased the sales of the manga exponentially and even broke One Piece’s long-time record. All these high expectations, unfortunately, culminated into a polarized opinion regarding its end. The time skip at the […]

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Demon Slayer Reportedly Getting a Spin-off Novel About Rengoku

After a lot of bloodshed and pain, the Demon Slayer Corp took down Muzan and put an end to his millennia-long reign. With this objective out of the way, the Demon Slayer manga started building up to the concluding chapter, which drops on 17th May 9:30 am. Even though the manga is ending, fans can […]