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‘Argonavis The Movie: Axia’ Debut Gets Delayed to March 2023

Argonavis won many hearts with its music back in 2020, and now it’s time for Gyroaxia to take the stage. While the band didn’t get much screen time during the From Argonavis anime series, the movie will be all about them. It’s common for fans to fall harder for supporting characters than the[…]

Anime From Argonavis News

Argonavis Band Project’s New Movie will Focus on Band Gyroaxia

BanG Dream! ‘s male counterpart, From Argonavis, stirred things up in the musical anime genre with its anime series in 2020. After more than two years, the show is now back with a thrilling movie. The last we saw of Argonavis was at their surprise performance at the Destiny Rock Festival, which[…]