Anime Arknights: Prelude to Dawn News

Arknights Franchise Reveals Dashing Visuals for ‘Prelude to Dawn’

‘Arknights: Prelude to Dawn’ has stirred up a huge wave of excitement among gamer otakus. Keeping the franchise’s popularity in mind, the anime adaptation will be one of the biggest releases this year. Although the franchise has been giving out constant details, they have been quite secretive[…]

Anime Kanojo mo Kanojo News

Funny Harem Anime “Kanojo mo Kanojo” unveils Theme songs debut in July

Girlfriend, Girlfriend is here to weave its story in the rich tapestry of harem anime. Harem anime have always been very popular with otakus all over the world. Four to five girls or (boys) chasing down a male (or female) protagonist is genuinely where the genre shines! Though in the past[…]