Funny Harem Anime “Kanojo mo Kanojo” unveils Theme songs debut in July

Girlfriend, Girlfriend is here to weave its story in the rich tapestry of harem anime. 

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Harem anime have always been very popular with otakus all over the world. Four to five girls or (boys) chasing down a male (or female) protagonist is genuinely where the genre shines!

Though in the past decades, the genre didn’t see that many acclaimed shows. Last year “Rent a Girlfriend” changed the scenario. Now, Girlfriend, Girlfriend is here to take the baton from Rent a Girlfriend!

According to the Girlfriend, Girlfriend’s official website, Necrytalkie will perform the opening theme song “Fuzaketenaize”. The ending theme song “Pinky Hook” will be performed by Momo Asakura. 

The official website of the Girlfriend, Girlfriend, has already released a teaser trailer for the anime show with a premiere date set to 2nd July. 

Broadcast starts in July! TV anime “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” teaser PV

The opening theme singer, Necrytalkie, has described every character in the anime as dumb as Aho girl, which provided her enthusiasm for making this comedy as entertaining as possible. 

While the ending theme singer Momo Asakura had to ask, “Is it okay for this to happen!” when she blitzed through the original Girlfriend, Girlfriend manga. 

The song will be available for sale as either CD or DVD from August 18, 2021. There will be a  Press limited version for regular people or an Anime limited version for anime fans.

Will Naoya get away with dating four girls at once, or will he perish? We can’t wait for the anime to hit in July and find out for ourselves. So make sure not to miss out on this anime series! 

About Kanojo mo Kanojo

Kanojo mo Kanojo is a Japanese romantic comedy manga series written and illustrated by Hiroyuki. Serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine in March 2020, and has been compiled into three tankōbon volumes as of November 2020.

Naoya, a first-year high school student, asks Saki out and they decide to start dating. However, out of the blue, Nagisa confesses to Naoya about liking him.

Though Naoya and Nagisa immediately get along, he tells her that he already has a girlfriend.

He suddenly proposes that they go together to talk with Saki about him dating them both at the same time. Although Saki is reluctant at first, she agrees to date Naoya with Nagisa at the same time.

Source: Official Website

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