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Is Agent Merus Dead in Dragon Ball Super? Will he come back?

Merus intervened in the fight between Moro and Goku and misused his angel powers, the result of which was death. In chapter 63, we saw Moro beating the entirety of Z-warriors along with Agent Jaco without a scratch on himself. However, it changed when the Trainee Angel and the #1 Galactic Patrolmen, Agent Merus, arrived on Earth!

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65: The Tide Turns Into Moro’s Favor

Dragon Ball Super is currently making our heroes face Moro, the intergalactic criminal. The previous chapters have shown us just how powerful he is, especially with his power absorbing abilities. In chapter 65, Goku’s act of kindness is going to turn against him. Some spoilers of DBS chapter[…]