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Is Agent Merus Dead in Dragon Ball Super? Will he come back?

Merus intervened in the fight between Moro and Goku and misused his angel powers, the result of which was death.

In chapter 63, we saw Moro beating the entirety of Z-warriors along with Agent Jaco without a scratch on himself. However, it changed when the Trainee Angel and the #1 Galactic Patrolmen, Agent Merus, arrived on Earth!

What caught my eye during the EPIC fight between Merus and Moro is how easily Merus was able to toy with the strongest villain in the Dragon Ball Universe.

Moro was able to defeat multiple Kais and Grand Kais with still a lot of strength left, and even then, he wasn’t in his prime. This fight was the first time when we got to see the true strength of an angel.

Moro’s undefeated streak was only interrupted when Merus, the trainee angel, started the full-on fighting against him. However, the hype did not last long as the Z-warriors had to part ways with Angel Merus for good.

Merus died after sealing Moro’s copying powers to aid Goku. However, chapter 67 revealed that Merus did technically cease to exist but as an angel; he was stripped of his angelic powers and got resurrected as a mortal by the Grand Priest.

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1. But Once an Angel, Always an Angel!

Angels have never died to date in the series. Even in the previous arc, the Universe target saga, the angels survived when all the universes were getting eliminated. So wouldn’t it be the same in Merus’s case?

No, it wouldn’t! The reason Whis and other angels did not die during the Universe Target saga was that, in addition to being valued by the Grand Priest, they had not broken any rules. Merus, on the other hand, did exactly that.

In today’s chapter, while Merus said that he was just there to train Goku, he intervened and fought against Moro.

Is Agent Merus Dead in Dragon Ball Super?
Angel | Source: Fandom

By taking the side of “good,” he broke the rules of angels. The Saiyan further confirmed this by saying that any angel who fought for real outside of training was doomed to disappear. Per this statement, after breaking the villain’s crystals and knocking him down, Merus faded away and ceased to exist.

It was only on the behest of Kaio Shin that the Grand Priest resurrected Merus, and even then, he was no longer an angel. With a lifespan, the former angel-trainee is now a human who goes by the name Merus Ikanoichiya-bosshi.

2. Merus Vs. Moro

After absorbing Seven Three, Moro was considerably stronger and could copy attacks. While he struggled against Vegeta before, he brought each one of them to their knees, including Goku, with this new form.

Finally, as the entire force was wiped out, Merus no longer remained on the sidelines and directly interfered by charging at Moro.

While this was happening, in the back, Dende healed Goku, who once again entered his Ultra Instinct Omen state and lunged at Moro. Almost comically, the new villain once again defeated him with ease and went after Merus’ neck to copy his abilities.

Is Agent Merus Dead in Dragon Ball Super?
Merus and Moro | Source: Fandom

However, the trainee angel was not someone to be taken lightly. He used his Angel Staff to stop Moro and destroyed all the crystals on his body.

As the villain fell on the ground, Merus expressed his faith in Goku, asked him to protect the galaxy, and then disappeared.

3. Does Goku Perfect Ultra Instinct? – Moro’s Defeat

After Merus vanished, entrusting the galaxy’s safety to Goku, it was the perfect trigger for the latter to perfect Ultra Instinct.

Goku has already used Ultra Instinct Sign, albeit in its incomplete form. The next step is the Perfect Ultra Instinct.

Is Agent Merus Dead in Dragon Ball Super?
Goku | Source: Fandom

As we’ve been told already, Ultra Instinct is the state of true tranquility. To master it and reach a higher level, Goku needs to be clear-headed and not influenced by his emotions.

After Merus’ disappearance, Goku did not lose his state of mind and instead realized that he was not alone in fighting Moro. This state of mind helped him perfect Ultra Instinct, thus successfully beating the villain to the ground.

While Goku did have the opportunity to eliminate Moro once and for all, like any good ol’ shonen protagonist, he wanted to have a little chat with the villain that almost destroyed Earth.

In fact, he even gave Moro Senzu Beans to recover his strength, but as expected, another fight erupted.

This time, Moro reattached the arm that had copied Merus’ powers and started to swell up with angelic powers. Unfortunately, even then, Goku was more than a match for him, leaving the villain no choice but to integrate himself into Earth.

Dragon Ball super Goku vs Moro full fight
Super Goku vs Moro

Now, Moro and the Earth became one entity, which meant that the latter would follow once the former was destroyed or killed.

However, due to Whis’ advice and Oob’s powers, Goku managed to enter perfected UI once again and shattered the stone on Moro’s head, thus saving Earth once again.

4. About Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super came into serialization in June 2015, edited and illustrated by Akira Toriyama and his protege Toyotaru, respectively.

Dragon Ball Super takes the DB universe to another level by introducing the long asleep God of Destruction, Beerus. Beerus initially decides to decimate Earth but postpones his plans when he discovers the fantastic food he had never eaten and hopes to fight Super Saiyajin God one day.

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