Anime Blog My Next Life as a Villainess

My Next Life as a Villainess: Who does Katarina fall in love with?

Katarina’s life takes a crazy turn when she remembers her past life and realizes she’s stuck in an otome game as the main villain. In every scenario, she would meet a brutal end, whether it was being kicked out or biting the dust. Armed with her knowledge of the game, she’s determined to change […]

Anime Management of Novice Alchemist News

‘Management of Novice Alchemist’ Confirmed to Release in October

Life often disappoints humans. Sarasa, the protagonist of the ‘Management of Novice Alchemist’ anime is a first-hand sufferer of this fact. She thought graduating from a prestigious alchemist academy would guarantee a safe future. Little did she know that a passage through fire was waiting for her.

Anime News Tomodachi Game

Heinous Tests and Trust Issues Build Up the New Teaser of ‘Tomodachi Game’

From the premise, you might think Tomodachi Game is one of those cute series where the value of friendship is tested. Well, you aren’t wrong, but the test is way more brutal than you can ever imagine. Yūichi, the protagonist, will be thrown into this game, and soon his peaceful life will come[…]

Anime Attack on Titan

Who was King Fritz? Does he Belong to the Real Royal Family?

When we look back at what made Ymir suffer or why she turned out the way she is, it all points at one person, “King Fritz.” He was the person whom Ymir loved and for whom she sacrificed everything till the very end. The being who brought destruction for many decades. King Fritz was the […]

Boy Meets Maria Manga News

Boy Meets Maria Manga Soon to Tug At Your Heartstrings With Young Boys Love Story

It often happens that an author’s debut work is the most memorable one to the fans. This is the case for Seven Seas Entertainment’s newly licensed manga “Boy Meets Maria”. The manga is the work of the now deceased author, PEYO. Boy Meets Maria is a story about young boys in love. The manga does […]

Anime Baki Manga

Biscuit Oliva’s Real-Life Counterpart (and 5 Other Must-Know Facts About Him)

Baki’s intense fighting scenes and the vividly elaborate martial art styles have attracted hordes of fans, especially after its Netflix adaptation. With the Great Raitai Tournament Saga ending spectacularly, a new season has been announced to air in 2021 that will act as the sequel to Baki […]