Manga Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch News

Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch Now Has A Sequel About MC’s Daughter!

When talking about mythical creatures like mermaids in anime, Mermaid Melody is a name that appears at the top of the genre. Action, mystery, mythology, music, and romance, this story has something for everyone. It is a majorly music and fantasy-based story where a group of mermaid princesses[…]

News Spy x Family

Junji Ito and SPYxFAMILY Nominated for the 2021 Eisner Awards Among Others!

Will Eisner Comic Industry Award is probably the highest level honor that a comic book or creator can receive for their work. Not only is it an exciting event for comic book lovers globally, but it also introduces some lesser-known yet brilliant works of art to the world. An award traditionally[…]

Do Not Say Mystery Manga News

Do Not Say Mystery Manga Reveals Drama’s 2022 Debut with a Reluctant MC!

Kunou, the Do Not Say Mystery manga’s protagonist, is an average high school student with not-so-average observance skills. With remarkable memory and crazy deduction abilities, he might just be the new revolution in the live-action series’ detective genre. Yet, the boy is more interested in[…]

Grim Reaper Online News Webtoons

Grim Reaper Online Webtoon about Shinigami Stuck in VR Serializes in Japan

Virtual Reality games have been on the rise recently. It is truly fascinating how it can make you experience so many things. But what happens when a God of Death gets trapped in a VR world? Grim Reaper Online is one such webtoon that will answer that question. Who knew that the Shinigami’s[…]

Manga News Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya: Next Dimension Manga Finally Coming Back From 3-Year Hiatus

Greek mythology has been the theme of many shows, books, movies, anime, and whatnot, and we’ve all had our curiosities about it. Saint Seiya happens to be one of the finest pieces of work that is based on this theme. The manga has characters from all over popular[…]

Anime Komi Can't Communicate News

Catch the Wallflower MC as Komi Can’t Communicate Anime Debuts in October!

Komi Can’t Communicate, the high school romantic comedy manga, will be getting an anime premiere this Fall 2021! Many would connect with the socially anxious high school girl, Shouko Komi, who can’t hold a conversation with others. This leads to her loneliness while everyone else […]

Attack on Titan Manga News

Attack on Titan’s Reprinted Final Chapter to Contain Extra Pages! A Final Character Book Reveal!

Attack on Titan ended the manga’s long run with chapter 139, but Isayama made sure that we get one last scar. Eren’s fate was foreseeable, but the final chapter also explained his actual intentions. Of course, fans have been lamenting about the series getting over. The series has been our[…]