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Grim Reaper Online Webtoon about Shinigami Stuck in VR Serializes in Japan

Virtual Reality games have been on the rise recently. It is truly fascinating how it can make you experience so many things. But what happens when the God of Death gets trapped in a VR world? Grim Reaper Online is one such webtoon that will answer that question.

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Who knew that the Shinigami’s everyday job of collecting souls would trap him in the world of virtual reality? And now that he is stuck there, he needs to find his way out and that isn’t that easy.

The Korean webcomic called Grim Reaper Online by SSUN began its serialization in Japan on May 30th, 2021 under the name of Shinigami Online on the Piccoma Website.

The visual released with the announcement shows the Soul Collector or Grim Reaper in all-black traditional clothing. He is also shown carrying some weapons like a sword and a set of bow and arrows.

The manhwa has released three chapters since February 2021. It is an action and fantasy webtoon featuring the Grim Reaper or Shinigami and a high-school girl named Ajin Choi.

The story starts with a group of students going back to their homes, putting on their VR sets, and logging into the game. Ajin is part of a group of students from her school in the VR game, but they don’t know of her true identity.

The group goes on several quests together. Ajin feels good with them until one day, she is badly betrayed by her teammates. They reveal to her that they knew who she was and wanted revenge for something that happened in the past.

They all attack her together, killing her in the game, leading to a mental shock in real life, eventually leading to her death in the real world.

Not even moments later, the Grim Reaper appears and picks up the VR set, and is transported into the VR game. People make fun of him, and he is then thrown into a pit of survival.

The latest chapter of the manga is really intriguing and will get you addicted to it like I am right now!

About Grim Reaper Online

Grim Reaper Online is a webcomic that starts serialization in the Piccoma website on 30th May. It is a supernatural series written by Sun.

The webtoon focuses on a grim reaper who tries to guide a dead high schooler, Ajin’s, soul to the other world. However, he couldn’t find Ajin’s soul and is sucked into the VR that she was last playing.


Source: Manga Mogura RE Twitter

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