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Netflix Confirms an Early February Premiere for ‘Make My Day’

Netflix has been moving up the ladder, and 2023 might just be the year it solidifies its name as an anime streaming giant. The company is ready to begin its anime adventures this year with Make My Day, the perfect dystopian tale that was missing from our lives. The anime series is an adaptation[…]

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Winter 2023 Anime To Stream On Netflix

The year 2023 appears to be an exciting one for anime fans around the world. The year has only just begun and there is already an extensive line up of great anime shows and films set to release this year. Here is a list of some of the best and most anticipated anime to look forward to and stream this winter on Netflix. […]

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New Netflix Anime Film, Make My Day’s New Visual Gives Major Star Vibes!

Just when we thought we had enough anime movies to watch out for this year, Netflix decides to announce the next big thing in Make My Day. Although anime exclusive streaming services do their job, no platform made anime accessible like Netflix. With its popularity among the common masses, the[…]