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Boruto Chapter 46: What is Karma? Will Boruto become Momoshiki?

Being a sequel of an iconic manga regarded as one of the “Big Three,” Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’ manga was off to a shaky start for sure. However, it made readers come around with the introduction of a new Akatsuki parallel, and Boruto manga’s very own ‘mysterious crime organization’ – Kara […]

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Naruto’s Biggest Fight Scene Revealed in Boruto Manga

The Boruto Manga is still a rage amongst Otakus. Recent events of the story brought major focus on Kawaki and this is of great interest to the manga readers. Kawaki is now fully accepted member of Uzumaki Family. But, what changed things for the worse and forced Naruto to fight his biggest battle?    Kaguya’s partner- […]