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Naruto’s Biggest Fight Scene Revealed in Boruto Manga

The Boruto Manga is still a rage amongst Otakus. Recent events of the story brought major focus on Kawaki and this is of great interest to the manga readers. Kawaki is now fully accepted member of Uzumaki Family. But, what changed things for the worse and forced Naruto to fight his biggest battle?   

Kaguya’s partner- Jigen, is the leader of Kara Organisation and adoptive father of Kawaki. In Chapter 36- Jigen moves to the side of Kawaki through Kawaki Karma. He jumps into action and activates Kawaki’s Karma mark power forcefully. He goes to Kawaki’s place because he wants to take Kawaki back to Kara’s hideout. But Kawaki refuses because he respects and appreciates all that Naruto has done for him so far.  

This makes Naruto fight his biggest battle. Naruto Vs Jigen. Naruto jumps and tries to attack him but Jigen kicks him and arrests him with his Chakra Bars. These bars drain Narutos’ chakra. Naruto wants to defeat Jigen before Kurama activates his chakra. When Jigen grabs Kawaki, in a rage, Kawaki begins to grow a horn on the side of his head along with changing of the Karma mark of his face. Somehow, Naruto manages to escape from Jigens’ chakra bars and jumps back into the fight. 

As we all know, Jigen and his seal mark are super strong. Naruto choosing to interfere annoys Jigen and hence causes this battle. Jigen begins to activate his own Karma power to combat Naruto’s Tailed Beast chakra. 

So who do you think will win this battle? Let us know in the comment section.

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