Anime Cowboy Bepop Live-Action News

Netflix Once Again Entices Us with Cowboy Bebop Live Series Set for Fall!

Cowboy Bebop is one of the few things in the world that genuinely feel timeless. A story told in the 90s about the 2070s is somehow more relatable in the 2020s. With spunky hairdos, bizarre clothing choices, and a world that is a character in itself, Bebop and its crew cruise from place to[…]

Anime Mieruko-chan News

Mieruko-Chan Announces 2021 Anime Adaptation With A Funny Yet Scary Trailer

Miko’s daily duties include leading a high school life, ignoring terrifying ghosts all day long, and protecting her oblivious best friend from them. Her daily troubles will get even more real as the Mieruko-chan series is getting an anime adaptation. What would you do if you suddenly[…]