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To your Eternity and More on Crunchyroll’s Spring 2021 Anime Dub Reveal!

You have been asking for English dubbed versions of all the hit 2021 anime and Crunchyroll has delivered. From To Your Eternity, Tokyo Revengers to 86 Eighty Six, the streaming service knows exactly which series are in demand. From a heart-wrenching story of an eternal creature, To Your[…]


Upcoming Fantasy and Isekai Anime in Spring 2021

After a brilliant season of Winter, anime Spring is here with some quality anime. We will discuss our ever favorite Isekai and Fantasy genre.
Who doesn’t love fantasy? After being bombarded with the recently popular isekai, most writers have chosen it as their thing to represent. We get more and more Isekai and fantasy anime as the days pass by, and I am absolutely loving it! […]