Upcoming Fantasy and Isekai Anime in Spring 2021

After a brilliant season of Winter, anime Spring is here with some quality anime. We will discuss our ever favorite Isekai and Fantasy genre.
Who doesn’t love fantasy? After being bombarded with the recently popular isekai, most writers have chosen it as their thing to represent. We get more and more Isekai and fantasy anime as the days pass by, and I am absolutely loving it! […]

Manga News

86’s Spinoff Manga Announced, Gakuen 86 Academy

Light Novels are amazing reads, especially when they are of the sci-fi genre. You know what is even better? Manga adaptations of light sci-fi novels. As most of us are used to the manga format, it makes us want to read the story even more. The August issue of Monthly Comic Alive magazine by Kadokawa […]

Anime News

’86’ Light Novel TV Anime – Announcement, Release Date, Key Visual, Trailer & Other Updates

Isekai stories mostly dominate the light novel industry in the West. It can get a little tough to find something different and good, but here we present to you a savior. 86 is a perfect choice for someone who is not that much into war stories but, at the same time, interested in characters and […]