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Dororo’s Modern-Day Remake Webtoon Launches in Japan & South Korea

Osamu Tezuka’s action-filled dark fantasy Dororo is well-known within the otaku community and even outside of it. The series has made a good name for itself with its peculiar characters and a plot that gets you hooked. We thought there was nothing more one could do to make this story better[…]

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‘Dororo’ Inspires Webtoon Remake Set in the Modern Era; Sneak Peeks Out

Korean manhwa, also called, webtoons, have indulged fans for years and are especially known for their eye-catching artworks. While some webtoons like Solo Leveling have become legends, others like Tower of God and The God of High School have even inspired anime. It was high time that a manga[…]

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Dororo, the Dark Samurai Anime, Reveals Extensive Cast for English Dub!

Dororo is set in the world of demons and samurai. It focuses on a young boy who was born without any senses or limbs. He is on a quest to regain his humanity by defeating the demons who cursed him. Although the series was originally released back in 1969, the 2019 Dororo remake did not fail to[…]

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Is Dororo a Boy or a Girl?

Anime and manga made it into the world because Osamu Tezuka left a legacy through his phenomenal Dororo manga series. The guy’s basically a legendary god himself no matter what era you put his works into! On the 2019 reboot of his famed work, Dororo (1967-1969), there is one question that always […]