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How and Why Kingpin Survives the Gunshot in the Hawkeye Finale

It was exciting to see Kingpin back in action in Hawkeye, but we’re all confused about how he survived after Maya Lopez shot him in the finale. Maya found out that Kingpin was responsible for her father’s death and confronted him. She shot him in the face, and it seemed like Kingpin was dead. How[…]

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Top 15 Strongest Swords Users In Anime Ranked!

Amidst the many flashy, whimsical, and over-the-top powers in anime, sword users seem to pale in comparison. After all, how can a sword hold a candle to unimaginable powers that can rip through the fabric of space and time itself? Even so, many of our favorite sword-wielding characters like Roronoa[…]

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Jeremy Renner’s Final Hawkeye Appearance in MCU

Disney+ is launching next week, and much of the MCU’s fate rests in its success. The subscription service will provide access to upcoming shows like Winter Soldier and The Falcon, WandaVision, Loki, and many more. Moreover, it will house other iconic cultural franchises like Star Wars too. These days Jeremy Renner has been embroiled in […]