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Slam Dunk’s Animation Director, Masami Suda, Passes Away Due to Cancer

Masami Suda, a gem of the anime industry, has passed away at the age of 77. A veritable legend, Masami Suda has contributed as an animator, animation director, and character designer in various classic anime series for more than half a decade. His iconic and rustic animation style will always[…]

Fist of the North Star Manga News

Fist of the North Star Returns with a Hilarious New Spin-Off

Kenshiro is our typical anime hero, kind to the innocent and helper of the weak. But, one thing that stands out is his deadly martial arts skill that can kill a person with just one touch. Kenshiro’s struggle to protect his loved ones and survive the post apocalyptic land was depicted in […]

Anime Fist of the North Star News

Fist Of The North Star: The Legends Of The True Savior BluRay Release

Fist Of The North Star anime is based on a dangerous martial arts style that can kill people by touching their vital points. Fist of the North Star: The Legends of the True Savior is a film series that re-imagines the original manga.”Omae wa mou shindeiru” (You are already dead) is a term that[…]

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Fist Of The North Star, Mashle And More Manga Release By Viz Media

We have some good news for all of you manga readers out there! Viz Media is back with its list of summer manga releases 2021. Fans will soon have some new manga releases on their wishlist. As an avid manga reader myself, I have tons of titles on my read list. However, news of new manga is a[…]