Gaming News Puraore! Pride of Orange

PuraOre! Pride of Orange Multimedia Project Receives Simulation Video Game

PuraOre! came through as one hell of a sports anime and showed the mesmerizing sport of ice hockey in a new light. Not only that, the anime exclusively focuses on women’s ice hockey as the genre packs a lot of hidden potential and has been left unexplored until now. After its October premiere[…]

Anime News Puraore! Pride of Orange

Puraore! Pride of Orange, First Girls’ Ice Hockey Anime, Announced!

Puraore!~PRIDE OF ORANGE~ is an ice hockey anime that is soon to hit the silver screen. Although ice hockey has its own audience, it is not as famous as sports like soccer, football, basketball, baseball, and others. Very few mangas focus on ice hockey, this is the first anime that focuses on[…]