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PuraOre! Pride of Orange Multimedia Project Receives Simulation Video Game

PuraOre! came through as one hell of a sports anime and showed the mesmerizing sport of ice hockey in a new light.

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Not only that, the anime exclusively focuses on women’s ice hockey as the genre packs a lot of hidden potentials and has been left unexplored until now.

After its October premiere, the anime started gaining much attention, resulting in a strong fanbase.

Ice hockey players felt represented, and women especially were inspired to try out new things or take up a sport they’ve always wanted to try.

With all that, the show also served some great visuals and hair-raising scenes that had us all anxious about the next move. After receiving such a great response from the fans, the franchise has decided to expand this project.

The multimedia project PuraOre! Pride of Orange has announced a simulation video game slated to launch on March 15, 2022.

The game “Puraore! ~ SMILE PRINCESS ~ ”PV 1st

The PV teases the game’s visuals and shows the different ice hockey teams of the series as the theme song, ‘Glorious Day’ by Konomi Suzuki, plays in the background. 

The players can take up the role of any team’s manager and aim to make them the best in the world. While the game is free to play, there will be certain in-game purchases that the fans can make if they want.

PuraOre! Pride of Orange Multimedia Project Receives Simulation Video Game
PuraOre! Pride of Orange | Source: Crunchyroll

The visuals are ordinary like in any other game, and a character’s image card will flash on the screen if they make a goal. Players can also talk with the characters, though the conversations are probably pre-arranged for the storyline.

I am honestly so excited to experience the game because the anime is so thrilling, and I can only imagine how good the game will be.

Since this is a multimedia project, I’m curious what other stuff the franchise has in store for us. Maybe a manga? We can only hope.

About PuraOre! Pride of Orange

PuraOre!~PRIDE OF ORANGE~ is an upcoming sport based anime. In collaboration with DMM Games, CyberAgent will be producing this ice hockey anime.

The anime tells the story of 7 hockey playing girls who will do their very best to make their team Dream Monkeys known to the world while also strengthening their friendship and bond along the way.

The anime is slated to release in October 2021, but before its release, a mobile game will be launched to promote the franchise.

Source: DMM Games Official YouTube Channel

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