Star Wars TV Series

What is Order 66? How Was it Executed?

Order 66 was just one more 6 short of the devil’s number 666 and that’s what it was – the Dark Lord Sith’s plan to destroy its biggest enemy, the Jedi Order. As secret as all evil is, Order 66 was an ingenious plan to kill the galaxy’s strongest warriors, the Jedi, by turning their own troops aga…

Disney Star Wars TV Series

Who is Anakin Skywalker’s Father? Is it the Palpatine Darth Sidious?

Newbie or old junkie – all kinds of fans of the Great American sci-fi franchise Star Wars have mandatorily come across one question: Who was Anakin Skywalker’s father? But the difference between a new fan and an old one is that the latter knows there is never a straight answer to any question in th…