Gaming Intel News

Intel i5-14600K shows minor gains over previous generation i5-13600K

The Chinese forum Bilibili is notorious for its contributors leaking information about upcoming hardware, like Intel and AMD processors. Enthusiast Citizen on Bilibili has revealed the latest benchmarks for an engineering sample of the Intel Core i5-14600K. The clock speed has been increased to 5.3 GHz f[…]

Anime Heaven Official's Blessing News

Chinese Anime, Heaven Official’s Blessing, Delayed On Funimation

Amongst all the craze of Japanese anime, we as fans often forget about the existence of Chinese anime. These animations are called donghua and can stand up to anime just fine. Heaven Official’s Blessing is a Chinese anime (donghua) of the ‘yaoi’ or ‘BL’ genre. The story focuses on the[…]

Anime Bilibili News

Sony bought Bilibili & The Chinese Pirating Website Has Turned Legal

Anime has progressed over the years and is now a worldwide trend. However, it is not always available to stream in every country or state; officially, that is. This is where the role of pirating anime websites come in. These pirate websites let users upload anime and other content and stream them mostly free of […]