Chinese Anime, Heaven Official’s Blessing, Delayed On Funimation

Amongst all the craze of Japanese anime, we as fans often forget about the existence of Chinese anime. These animations are called donghua and can stand up to anime just fine.

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Heaven Official’s Blessing is a Chinese anime (donghua) of the ‘yaoi’ or ‘BL’ genre. The story focuses on the afterlife of the main protagonists.

The demon king of the afterlife has his eyes on an official of heaven and not many people like the scenario.

Funimation is streaming the Heaven Official’s Blessing. It is the first Chinese anime to be streamed by Funimation. The first episode of the anime which was initially delayed premiered on 31st October on Funimation.

The delay was announced by Funimation through its official Twitter website.

The anime was initially supposed to premiere on 30th October; however, it was delayed by one day. The anime is listed with 11 episodes and will conclude on 2nd January 2021.

Funimation streams the anime in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Fans from Mexico and Brazil will also be able to stream the anime from winter.

Dub watchers also have something to look forward to as the anime will receive an English dub in early 2021. This way, no one is left out of the fun!

Adapted from the web novel by the same name, Heaven Official’s Blessing became popular soon after its release. Mo Tian Xong is the original creator of the series.

Chinese Anime, Heaven Official's Blessing, Delayed On Funimation
Heaven Official’s Blessing | Source: Fandom

The anime is produced by Bilibili, which is a live streaming service in China. It is animated by the Haoliners Animation League.

About Heaven Official’s Blessing

Heaven Official’s Blessing is a Chinese manhwa or webcomic which is getting adapted into an anime or donghua. It is created by Mo Tian Xong.

Xie Lian has attained Godhood in his afterlife after sacrificing his whole life for it.

However, he has already been banished from Godhood twice and is now on a tumultuous journey where he will discover the dark secrets behind the shiny heaven.

The king of the demon realm is interested in Xie Lian. What will the crossing of their paths lead to?

Source: Funimation Twitter


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