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Will there be season 2 of Beast Tamer anime?

Who doesn’t love a bunch of cat girls with magical powers? Beast Tamer is right up your alley if you are a connoisseur of isekai genre who is looking for a lighthearted watch. Beast Tamer tells the story of Rein, who’s expelled from his party because he’s an incompetent beast tamer. He unlocks his […]

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Top 26 Best Anime to Look Forward to in Fall 2022

The best season is here. It’s falling anime! The biggest anime series are returning with new seasons this fall, along with new shows that you’re going to want to keep an eye out for. You’re probably overwhelmed already with new things to watch, now that September is rolling out. To help […]

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Beast Tamer’s New Trailer Confirms Early October Debut

Beast Tamer brings you the tale of a protagonist who was chucked out from the hero’s party due to his lack of strength and skill. Rein has the power to domesticate and form contracts with beasts or animals, but this skill is deemed useless by the hero’s party he was in. What they didn’t expect[…]