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All Main Story Arcs in One Piece, Ranked from Worst to Best! – Part 2

One Piece is a testament to Oda’s mastery as a mangaka. Even though it’s on its 31st arc, it has no plans of finishing anytime soon. Plus, it constantly pushes the bar even higher with new […]

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One Piece Reveals Its Biggest Sacrifice Yet – The Hour of Legends

The fight against Oden and Kaido started with an epic scene showing Oden and the Nine Red Scabbards walking to the battlefield. The Hour of Legends was said to be on its way, and it finally happened in chapter 971. The Hour of Legends is the name given to Kozkuki Oden tolerating excruciating pain by […]

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One Piece Chapter 969 Reveals How The Nine Red Scabbards Got Their Name

The One Piece manga is currently in a flashback of Oden’s life. The latest chapter titled “Fool of a Lord,” gives us a brief look into the five years between Oden’s return to Wano and his public execution. Leading up to the hour of legends, Oden’s nine retainers make their way to Orochi’s castle. In […]