Which is the strongest Kingdom in Black Clover?

Black Clover enters a highly volatile arc and goes beyond the barriers of the Clover Kingdom for this one. The manga currently rests at chapter 235 with the Clover Kingdom’s most powerful squad Golden Dawn feeling the heat of the impending doom the Spade Kingdom offers for the world.

The arc’s construct is opening itself towards a war between the kingdoms. Black Clover brought forth a myopic view of the world through the antics within the Clover Kingdom and with little to no knowledge of other kingdoms. Thus, the question looms over us – Which is the strongest Kingdom? Is the Clover Kingdom the weakest of the four? 

1. Quick Answer 

The Spade Kingdom is surmised as the strongest amongst the four kingdoms. It derives its power from the devil Megicula and holds ambitions to conquer the rest of the kingdoms. The Clover Kingdom is possibly the weakest at the moment.

This arc will likely establish the strength of Clover Kingdom from the weakest to possibly, strongest. Most importantly, the Diamond Kingdom only holds an edge over the Clover Kingdom due to its merger with the Spade Kingdom and Morris’ experiments that bolster their power.


2. Which one is the strongest kingdom in Black Clover?

The strongest Kingdom in Black Clover is definitely the Spade Kingdom. It has managed to conquer most of the Diamond Kingdom as of now and has shown the capabilities of quickly invading the Clover Kingdom. The Spade Kingdom lies to the west of Clover Kingdom and has a very hostile relationship with its neighbouring countries.

Unlike its neighbours who have an established monarchy, the Spade Kingdom is ruled by three powerful mages called the Dark Triad – Dante, Vanica and Zenon. The power of these mages are insurmountable and are derived from an ancient evil from its land as claimed by Julius. This is established by the terrifying fact of Diamond Kingdom’s single-handed annexation by Zenon. The ancient evil or devil is known as Megicula.

is spade kingdom strongest in black clover
THE DARK TRIAD (Spade Kingdom)
Dante(Left Panel), Vanica(Right Panel), Zenon(Right Panel)

The Dark Triad has proved to be cruel dictators who usurped the throne from the royal House Grinberryall. To Asta’s immense disliking, they are willing to use the weak mana of citizens to mobilize fortress, for example, Candelo.

In the recent chapters, the trio has permeated through Clover Kingdom borders with ease and has posed a challenge to the strongest Knight Squad within the Kingdom – Golden Dawn. It is probably an overstatement to call it a challenge was given that the Golden Dawn mages were defeated easily with the exception of William and Yuno.

Due to the expansionist ideals of the Dark Triad, the princess of Heart Kingdom requested for an alliance with the Clover Kingdom. Lolopechka, the princess, weighs the powers of the mages against theirs. She claims that only level 1 and level 0 mages are required to battle a Devil and that even a level 0 mage is unable to finish off a devil.

Lolopechka added that the scar inflicted on Gadjah was the work of a devil. When questioned by Asta regarding the Spade Kingdom’s prowess, Lolopechka answers that the Spade Kingdom is stronger than the devil he faced. She requests the Clover Kingdom to assemble as many people as they can find for fighting against the devil and offers them 5 level 0 mages from her Kingdom to add to their strength. 

3. Is Clover Kingdom the weakest?

The Clover Kingdom has – to an extent – established peace with former antagonistic characters such as Patolli, Rhya, Vetto and Fana – who contribute to its strength as allies now. Not to mention – the prodigal Yuno and the ever-growing Asta along with Julius and Magic Knight captains.


Yet the Clover Kingdom before arc 11 – is probably the weakest of all kingdoms. Someone might argue that the Diamond Kingdom holds this position – due to its defeat twice in the Clover Kingdom. The Diamond Kingdom would have taken the hit for this if not for Morris’ experiments to bolster the power of its mages. In fact, its merger with the Spade Kingdom has now amplified that.

The disadvantage of the huge focal point on the Clover Kingdom throughout the story is that it’s hard to weigh the powers of the Kingdom with the others. But there is a unique aspect that Clover holds that differentiates it from other kingdoms – the existence of Arcane Stage Mages. This is what Lolopechka reveals to them and is a significant vantage point for the Clover Kingdom to work with.

Arcane Stage Mages(Clover Kingdom)

is spade kingdom strongest in black clover

Arcane Stage Mages are the people who possess powers that cannot be classified within the level system. She takes the example of Asta who shows an excellent command over Anti-Magic despite the lack of mana, Julius’ Time Magic, Yami’s Darkness Magic and Secre’s hold on the ancient sealing magic despite being level 6. Lolopechka sees this as a trump card against the Spade Kingdom.

The Hearts Kingdom is definitely higher on the list as revealed by Gadjah’s powers that were undefeatable by the likes of Noelle and others. Julius himself had established Gadjah’s power as the ‘real deal’ thereby indicating the powers that the Hearts Kingdom contribute is high.


is spade kingdom strongest in black clover

The six months shows a significant improvement within Leopold, Charlotte, Rill, Charmy, Luck, Zora, Asta and Yuno. In the recent chapter, Asta saves Spade citizens and defeats an army worth of soldiers along with its commander who possessed devilish powers. In short, Asta protects an entire fortress from evil with his Black Asta form and the Black Divider that enlarges his Demon-Slayer Sword. These improvements along with Fuegoleon’s upgrade with salamander – pulls the Clover Kingdom away from the title of the ‘weakest’.

Speculations are that this arc will establish the Clover Kingdom as one of the most powerful. The upgrades of these characters can definitely beat the likes of the Diamond Kingdom. They’re also able to regain a part of the Spade Kingdom called Tolon with the help of Asta’s strength. Therefore, these power-ups and training have changed the direction of the wind the Clover Kingdom had set sail in. The arc will soon reestablish where the kingdoms stand in terms of power. 

4. What are the four kingdoms in Black Clover? 

The Clover Kingdom is the Kingdom where Asta and Yuno reside. It shares borders with the Diamond and Heart Kingdoms and is a home country to the Magic Emperor and the Magic Knight Squads. It is ruled by Augustus Kira Clover XIII. 

The Heart Kingdom shares a border with the Clover Kingdom and is home to Undine, the water spirit, with whom the rulers of the country have a covenant. The current ruler of the Kingdom is Princess Lolopechka. 


is spade kingdom strongest in black clover

The Diamond Kingdom is a rival country of the Clover Kingdom and is currently, annexed by the Spade Kingdom. The Kingdom is a country of mines and wasteland, therefore, lacks resources. It is a Kingdom that builds and relies on its military power. 

The Spade Kingdom lies to the west of Clover Kingdom and has the largest landmass out of all the kingdoms. It is currently ruled by three powerful mages called the Dark Triad after they overthrew the royal Grinberryall family. Now, it is attempting to expand its influence and conquer other kingdoms. The Spade Kingdom is known for having the best military capacity out of all four. 

5. About Black Clover 

Black Clover focuses on Asta and Yuno – two orphans within the Clover Kingdom but pillar opposites in terms of their capabilities. As the children harness their mana in the form of magical power, Asta discovers that he is an exception. While Yuno shows an easy command over it- indicating his prodigal capabilities. Asta is determined to harness mana through physical training. Thus, the two develop a friendly rivalry in an attempt to fulfil their ambitions of becoming the next Wizard King.


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