Top Strongest Black Clover Characters So Far

Sate sate sate, how are you, fellas? We have found quite an interesting topic today for you guys here at Epic Dope! Yes, you have guessed right it is about one of the most popular anime these days, Black Clover and not only to that, cutting to the chase the post will cover the most significant question the Black Clover fans are having in their minds, and that would be – Top Strongest Black Clover Characters So Far! With no more of your time taken, let us start with the list.


Why have I chosen to write the post now? Well, that is the catch. Even though we would be covering the characters from the whole Black Clover storyline, i.e., both anime and manga but all the characters have already been introduced in the anime now, and we have added a spoiler alert feature this time. So whether you are a manga fan or the anime one, I present all of you with Strongest Black Clover Characters.

10. Rhya

elf holding a sword
Rhya – Third Eye of The Eye of The Midnight Sun – Epic Dope

Rhya The Faithless or simply Rhya is one of the leading antagonists of Black Clover and is currently the only surviving member in anime of the Eye of the Midnight Sun‘s Third Eye. What is that? Well, all of us know what The Eye of The Midnight Sun is, Third Eye are the three strongest members of the Midnight Sun whose personalities are based on the direct opposite meanings of the three clover leaves that symbolizes the Clover Kingdom. That is, Rhya The Faithless, Fana The Hateful and Vetto The Despair.

Rhya is undoubtedly one of the strongest black clover characters so far as per his magic. His magic is the Imitation Magic as shown in his fight against the Magic Knights Captains. Seeing as how he skillfully imitated Yami’s Dark Magic, he proves his skills and the fact that he is indeed strongest amongst the other members of The Third Eye.

9. William Vangeance

magician with his grimoire
William Vangeance, Captain of Golden Dawn – Epic Dope

William Vangeance is the current captain of the most prestigious Magic Knights Squad, Golden Dawn, and is the most probable successor of Julius Novachrono for the title of Wizard King(Magic Emperor). Not just that he is among the strongest black clover characters and he also holds a strong position against other Magic Knights Captains. Being the pupil of the current Wizard King, William is quite strong as seen in the Battle of Kiten against the Diamond Kingdom; his magic is Tree Magic. Sounds simple, right? In the battle of Kiten, William subjugated and defeated whole Diamond Kingdom platoon by a single spell, World Tree Magic, that shows his worth amongst the strongest black clover characters.

8. Patolli

patolli from black clover
Patolli, Leader of The Eye of Midnight Sun – Epic Dope

Patolli is the leader of the Eye of The Midnight Sun under the guise of Licht, the leader of Elves. He is the one who resurrected the three elves to form the Third Eye of The Eye of The Midnight Sun, i.e., Fana, Vetto and Rhya and is the main antagonist for the most of the anime till now, all to make his dream for the Resurrection Plan to come true.

In his fight with Yami, he has shown the extent of his abilities that makes him the 8th ranked for the strongest black clover characters so far — being one of the elves Patolli is loved by mana and has vast mana reserves. Along with that, he is the user of Light Magic making him the perfect adversary for Yami Sukehiro. In his battle against Black Bull in anime, Patolli can injure Asta and has been shown to have complete control over his overwhelming magic, and can do both attack and healing types. Being a light magic user, he can move and attack the speed of light, making him a formidable opponent.

7. Dorothy Unsworth

magic girl with grimoire
Dorothy Unsworth, Captain of Coral Peacocks – Epic Dope

Dorothy Unsworth is the current captain of Coral Peacocks Magic Knights Squad. She is usually shown to have a laid-back character who is often asleep and never actually present in any of the meetings or scenarios. Irrespective of her being asleep, she is well aware of her surroundings, which has been proved on multiple occasions in the anime.

She is the user of Dream Magic and can create a world of dreams, Glamour World where she can control anything and everything. What might seem to be a simple dream to the enemy is the real battlefield which is owned by Dorothy, and thus she proves her worth for the strongest black clover characters so far.

6. Mereoleona Vermillion

strong woman standing in front of fire wallpaper
Mereoleona Vermillion, Captain of Crimson Lions – Epic Dope

Mereoleona Vermillion, the current captain of Crimson Lions after his little brother Fuegoleon, is left injured after the attack of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Also known as the “Lioness” she is hailed much stronger than his younger brother Fuegoleon in the anime and is shown to be the born leader. If not for her less interest in politics, she was the first choice for the leadership of Crimson Lions.

She is one of the strongest black clover characters so far and the current strongest user of fire magic in anime. Her battle with Rhya, the Faithless in the manga proves her mantle of the “Lioness.” Except being a strong fire magic user, she is a great leader, teacher, and strategist as shown when she takes Yami, Charlotte, Asta, Yuno and Noelle to the volcano along with her Crimson Lions. Yami later explained a decision that was thought to be a whim as an accurate training strategy.

5. Witch Queen

witch queen of black clover
Witch Queen, Queen of Witches’ Forest – Epic Dope

Witch Queen is the queen of the Witches’ Forest which lies in a forest somewhere between the borders of Diamond and Clover Kingdom. Her age is believed to be 500+, and just the mere fact that neither of the two kingdoms ever tried to infiltrate the Witches’ forest shows how strong she is and makes her worthy of being among the top 5 for Strongest Black Clover Characters. She is shown to have extensive knowledge and skills, on top of that she knows the history well and has immense mana reserves, which makes her a queen in real sense.

Being the mother of all the witches in the forest, both Dorothy Unsworth and Vanessa are her daughters. Even Vanessa, a skilled thread magic user fears her from her very core. Witch Queen possesses Blood Magic and can easily control anybody she has injected her blood into which makes here a strong opponent. She shows her skills when she efficiently traps Black Bulls and Diamond Kingdom men in her blood magic and simultaneously controls Asta to kill them all.

4. Fuegoleon Vermillion

strongest black clover character
Fuegoleon Vermillion, Former Captain of Crimson Lions – Epic Dope

Fuegoleon Vermillion, the former captain of Crimson Lions, is one of the Strongest Black Clover characters and Magic Knight and a kind of person people look up to. While being an excellent Fire Magic-user Fuegoleon has shown the best leadership qualities amongst other Magic Knights Captain and is a renowned strategist for war.

The mere fact that The Eye of The Midnight Sun had to isolate him to try to defeat the kingdom shows just how much feared he is by his enemies. Anime viewers might think why is he on Number, trust me fellas wait a bit for the anime to unfold. He is coming back with much more strength.

3. Yami Sukehiro

strongest black clover character Yami Sukehiro
Yami Sukehiro, Captain of Black Bulls – Epic Dope

Yami Sukehiro, the current captain of Black Bulls and one of the strongest black clover characters and the strongest Magic Knight so far deserve to be on third in every scenario. He shows no fear to anything and always has a laid back attitude to things, but he cares about his squad and the kingdom more than anything while still looking for certain life-death situations to surpass the limits of current strength be it for his squad members or his own-self.

Yami comes from a far land, where a concept of martial arts called Ki or energy of the body is quite known. By reading the ki of his opponents, he never relies on his five senses but can easily track any attack by his opponents from any blind spot and is an expert, swordsmen. Even this makes him a formidable opponent. The cherry on the top he is a Dark Magic user and can reduce any spell into nothingness under his blackout.

2. Julius Novachrono

wizard king or the magic emperor of clover kingdom
Julius Nocachrono, Wizard King – Epic Dope

Julius Novachrono is the Wizard King of Clover Kingdom which makes him the leader of all the Magic Knights squad of the kingdom. Even his title ensures his entry to the top two for the strongest black clover characters so far! But that’s not it; he is indeed quite powerful. Julius is also favored by his subjects as shown during the Royal Knights exam that he is preferred over the King of the Clover Kingdom. By nature, he is a kind human being and always puts priority to the safety of his subjects over his personal desires, as shown numerous times in both anime and manga.

He is in the real sense a Magic Emperor, he shows immense love for magic and its variety and usually takes off from his work to see various magic spells from his own eyes. He is himself the holder of Time Magic and can manipulate time to an extent on his well. His magic Chrono Stasis is shown to be quite robust against various enemies as he was quickly able to hold off the Eye of The Midnight Sun, fend off their attacks, rescue Asta and have a glimpse to what they are plotting.

1. Licht

Licht, Leader of Elf Tribe – Epic Dope

Licht is the leader of the ancient Elf Tribe and is the current strongest black clover characters so far. Everything from here on about Licht is a real spoiler for anime fans. He is the person genuinely blessed by mana and is the original owner of Demon Dweller Sword and Demon Slayer Sword currently wielded by Asta. His strength and techniques far surpassed anyone else and were proven when he takes back one of his swords and uses abilities far beyond Asta’s imagination. Not only that, it is revealed that after betrayal it was Licht who revived the Ancient Demon which was later defeated by the first Wizard King(Magic Emperor).

Honorary Mentions

I know you might have been thinking about why many are not on the list. Well to all the anime fans all I can say is let the story unfold itself a bit more, and you will know. But yeah many strong characters do have some needs for improvement and can earn the title of top strongest black clover characters:

Asta, Yuno, Rill Boismortier, Nozel Silva, Langris Vaude, Mars, Luck Voltia, Kirsch Vermillion, Zora Ideale.


  1. Licht
  2. Julius Novachrono
  3. Yami Sukehiro
  4. Fuegoleon Vermillion
  5. Witch Queen
  6. Mereoleona Vermillion
  7. Dorothy Unsworth
  8. Patolli
  9. William Vengeance
  10. Rhya

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