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Top 10 Strongest Black Clover Characters So Far

Black Clover is without a doubt one of the most popular anime these days and so, this post will cover the most significant question the Black Clover fans are having in their minds, and that would be – Top 10 Strongest Black Clover Characters So Far! With no more of your time taken, let us start with the list.

10 Patolli

patri eye of the midnight sun
Patolli, Leader of The Eye of Midnight Sun

Patolli is the leader of the Eye of The Midnight Sun under the guise of Licht, the leader of Elves. He is the one who resurrected the three elves to form the Third Eye of The Eye of The Midnight Sun, i.e., Fana, Vetto and Rhya and is the main antagonist for the most of the anime till now, all to make his dream for the Resurrection Plan to come true.

Patolli shares his body with the current captain of Golden Dawn, William Vangeance even William does not know about it. Even though he is not strong enough to defeat the most badass characters, he is a cunning battle strategist and has been shown to use William’s body effectively to defeat both Julius Novachrono and Fuegoleon Vermillion, who are the top 5 amongst the strongest black clover characters so far.

He is loved by mana and has vast mana reserves. Along with that, he is the user of Light Magic making him the perfect adversary for Yami Sukehiro and Julius Novachrono. In his battle against Black Bulls and Julius in anime, Patolli can injure both Yami and Julius and has been shown to have complete control over his overwhelming magic and can do both attack and healing types. Being a light magic user, he can move and attack the speed of light, making him a formidable opponent.

9 Nozel Silva

strongest black clover characters
Nozel Silva, Captain of Silver Eagles

Nozel Silva is the user of Mercury Magic and the captain of Silver Eagles Magic Knights squad. Nozel, as noted by every fan, seems to be very arrogant and proud of his House Silva and believes himself to be superior to others. However, he takes on his duties as a Magic Knight with utmost sincerity and is shown to have affection towards his siblings.

He shows the said affection when he apologizes to Noelle for being rude all those years. Being one of the top 3 Magic Knights’ squad captains, he is extremely powerful with abundant mana reserves. He is quite skilled as he can overpower stronger magic attributes easily. Nozel uses a variety of magic from his Mercury attributed including but not limited to creation and transformation magic. His calm composure during the worst situations and honed skill set makes him one of the deadliest opponents in the Black Clover universe.

8 Witch Queen

strongest black clover characters
Witch Queen, Queen of Witches’ Forest

Witch Queen is the queen of the Witches’ Forest which lies in a forest somewhere between the borders of Diamond and Clover Kingdom. Her age is believed to be 500+, and just the mere fact that neither of the two kingdoms ever tried to infiltrate the Witches’ forest shows how strong she is and makes her worthy of being among the top 10 for Strongest Black Clover Characters. She is shown to have extensive knowledge and skills, on top of that she knows the history well and has immense mana reserves, which makes her a queen in real sense.

Being the mother of all the witches in the forest, both Dorothy Unsworth and Vanessa are her daughters. Even Vanessa, a skilled thread magic-user fears her from her very core. Witch Queen possesses Blood Magic and can easily control anybody she has injected her blood into which makes here a strong opponent. She shows her skills when she efficiently traps Black Bulls and Diamond Kingdom men in her blood magic and simultaneously controls Asta to kill them all.

7 Mereoleona Vermillion

strongest black clover characters
Mereoleona Vermillion, Captain of Crimson Lions

Mereoleona Vermillion, the current captain of Crimson Lions, is also known as the ‘Lioness.’ She is hailed much stronger than her younger brother Fuegoleon in the anime and is shown to be the born leader. If not for her less interest in politics, she was the first choice for the leadership of Crimson Lions.

Asta,Mereoleona and Zora vs. Raia - Raia Steal Asta's Sword

She is the second-most strongest user of fire magic in anime, after her brother Fuegoleon. Her said Fire magic is so strong that it was able to defeat Holy water magic of Rhya The Disloyal. Her battle with Rhya, the Faithless in the manga proves her mantle of the ‘Lioness.’ and her control over mana. She is able to use Mana Skin on the same level as elves.

Except for being a strong fire magic user, she is a great leader, teacher, and strategist as shown when she takes Yami, Charlotte, Asta, Yuno and Noelle to the volcano along with her Crimson Lions. Yami later explained a decision that was thought to be a whim as an accurate training strategy.

6 Yami Sukehiro

Yami Sukehiro, Captain of Black Bulls

Yami Sukehiro, the current captain of Black Bulls shows no fear of anything and always has a laid back attitude to things. However, he cares about his squad and the kingdom more than anything else while looking for certain life-death situations to surpass the limits. He believes that the people who are able to ‘surpass their limits’ in the moment of truth are the strongest ones. This quality of his makes you believe that he has much more room to grow in both manga and anime.

Yami comes from a far land, where a concept of martial arts called Ki or energy of the body is quite known. By reading the ki of his opponents, he never relies on his five senses but can easily track any attack by his opponents from any blind spot and is an expert, swordsmen. Even this makes him a formidable opponent. The cherry on the top he is a Dark Magic user and can reduce any spell into nothingness under his blackout. Yami can also cut through dimensions and use mana skin, making him a formidable opponent. Personally, he is my favourite character in the show.

5 Fuegoleon Vermillion

strongest black clover characters
Fuegoleon Vermillion

Fuegoleon Vermillion, the former captain of Crimson Lions, is the strongest fire mage and Magic Knight in the Clover Kingdom. After the death of Julius Novachrono, he is the most desired candidate for the title of 29th Wizard King followed by Yami and Nozel Silva.

While being an excellent Fire Magic-user Fuegoleon has shown the best leadership qualities amongst other Magic Knights Captain and is a renowned strategist for war. The mere fact that Patri had to isolate him and use William’s face to temporarily defeat him shows just how badass he is.

Fugoleon Destroys Elf Randall Black clover

Finally, the moment long-awaited by fans is here in the latest episode. Fuegoleon wakes up from his long sleep when Leo and other Crimson Lions are being defeated by the resurrected elf, Randall. To everyone’s surprise, after Fana’s defeat, fire spirit Salamander chose Fuegoleon as its next partner. With his newfound powers and a badass entrance, Fuegoleon defeats mana-enhanced Randall with a single blow.

4 Julius Novachrono

strongest black clover characters
Julius Novachrono -- 28th Wizard King

Julius Novachrono was the 28th Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom which made him the leader of all the Magic Knights squad of the kingdom. Julius was also favoured by his subjects as shown during the Royal Knights exam when he was preferred over the King of the Clover Kingdom. By nature, he was a kind human being who always put priority to the safety of his subjects over his personal desires, as shown numerous times in both anime and manga.

Wizard King Julius Death // Julius Vs Litch Full Fight! - Black Clover -

He was in the real sense a Magic Emperor, he showed immense love for magic and its variety and usually took off from his work to see various magic spells from his own eyes. He was himself the holder of Time Magic and manipulated time on his well. His magic Chrono Stasis is shown to be quite robust against various enemies as he was quickly able to hold off the Eye of The Midnight Sun, fend off their attacks, rescue Asta and have a glimpse to what they are plotting. Upon seeing him in an actual fight with Patri, he made us believe that while being considered the strongest character, he was still underrated. His grasp over Time magic and Mana Skin rivals that of the elves. His experience and skill set made him the deadliest opponent in Black Clover even without magic as rare as time, and with it, he could have destroyed nations.

3 Lemiel (Lumiere) -- The First Wizard King

lumiere strongest black clover characters
Lumiere -- The First Wizard King

Lemiel Silvamillion Clover, the First Wizard King, who defeated the ancient demon, resembles Julius’s personality in more ways than one. He was an optimistic enthusiast with a zeal to create a kingdom for nobles, commoners and elves alike. He is considered to be one of the strongest mages in recorded history. He uses Light Magic and his hence the fastest human in the Black Clover universe. He too can perfectly use Mana Skin. He meets Licht when he saves his sister Tetia from getting hurt and later goes on to marry Tetia herself.

2 Licht

Licht -- Leader of the Elf Tribe

Licht is the leader of the ancient Elf Tribe. He is the person genuinely blessed by mana and is the original owner of Demon Dweller Sword and Demon Slayer Sword currently wielded by Asta. His strength and techniques far surpassed anyone else and were proven when he takes back one of his swords and uses abilities far beyond Asta’s imagination. During his fight with Asta and Yuno in the anime, he is able to defeat elf-and-fairy-form Yuno and demon-form Asta without breaking a single sweat. This shows that his powers are beyond imaginable.

Black Clover Episode 100 - Asta and Yuno vs Licht

It is later revealed that Licht, when succumbed to anger, transformed himself into the ancient demon. It is a decision which he regrets as he thanks Lumiere for defeating him in his demon form. After being fully resurrected he teams up with Lumiere and fights the demon of kotodama magic to protect the humans and elf alike.

Note: Everything about the Devil is a pure spoiler for anime fans.

1 The Devil of Kotodama Magic (SPOILERS)

strongest black clover characters
The Devil

The Devil, as referred in the manga and various other sources is used to mention a certain individual, The Devil of Kotodama Magic. In Black Clover, the Devils (Akuma) are the creatures of the underworld who cannot come to the world of the living until certain conditions have been met. That being said, the devil we saw inside Asta in the witches’ forest is different than the one we are talking about today.

The Devil of Kotodama Magic or simply the Devil is a pure incarnation of evil and malice and is the reason behind the massacre of the Elf Tribe 500 years ago. It is seen that even with the combined prowess of Licht and Lumiel, the devil cannot be defeated and is the strongest character in the Black Clover universe so far.

The Devil uses the rarest of the rare magics, Kotodama magic or World Soul magic. With this type of magic, he is able to create objects and whatnot by speech and attach his opponents with them. He is also able to secure the Grimoire of Despair making him stronger than ever. With grimoire in his hands, he is able to summon huge levels of demon magic energy and absorb life forms itself.

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Honorary Mentions

I know you might have been thinking about why many are not on the list. Well to all the anime fans all I can say is let the story unfold itself a bit more, and you will know. But yeah many strong characters do have some needs for improvement and can earn the title of top strongest black clover characters:

Asta, Yuno, Rill Boismortier, Rhya, Langris Vaude, Mars, Luck Voltia, Kirsch Vermillion, Dorothy Unsworth.

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