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Top 10 Strongest Black Clover Characters So Far

Black Clover has been the talk of the town ever since it started airing. The current updates of the Spade Kingdom arc introduced new characters and new powers. Everyone seems to surpass their limits, but then the question arises who exactly is the most powerful.

I immediately fell in love with Black Clover, be it Asta’s constant screaming, banger openings, or endings.

I’ve been following the Anime since the start, and I couldn’t help but read the manga to ease my curiosity. We have drama, action, tragedy, comedy mixed with the fantasy realm; it’s a holy combination. 

Personally, what attracts me is the character’s determination and team skill. People have mixed opinions about Black Clover, but as a binge-watcher, I enjoyed the series.

One thing that makes it unique is super strong characters. I mean, what is better than one OP character? Many OP characters, of course. So, I decided to compile a list; let’s see who is the strongest character.

15. Witch Queen

As the name suggests, Witch Queen rules the Witch Forest located at Diamond and Clover Kingdom’s border. She imprisoned Vanessa Enoteca as a child because she predicted Vanessa’s potential in thread magic and her ability to predict the future.

Strongest character in Black Clover
Witch Queen | Source: Fandom

The Witch Queen is extremely powerful and experienced (since she had ample knowledge about the elven leader Licht). Her personality, however, is not for everyone, and her Blood Magic only reinforces her sadistic disposition. It gives her the ability to make human puppets. As long as people have blood running through their veins, she can control them.

Witch Queen's Blood Magic | 魔女の血の魔法 - Black Clover
Witch Queen’s Blood Magic

Witch Queen might seem like an evil incarnate, but she’s not as bad as she’s portrayed to be. The 500-years old woman did save Asta from his curse, nurtured hundreds of powerful witches, and advised Vanica when she needed it.

14. William Vangeance

William Vangeance is the captain of the Golden Dawn and the second closest candidate to become the next Wizard King following Fuegoleon. He was smart enough to realize that he shared his body with Patolli. Despite his tragic childhood, William is genuinely a kind-hearted individual.

Strongest character in Black Clover
William Vangeance | Source: Fandom

Captain Vangeance uses World Tree Magic to manipulate and create the World Tree and the branches in its various forms. It can absorb surrounding mana and heal several people at the same time. His Healing Magic is strong enough to heal people who are on the brink of death.

William is an Arcane Stage Mage. What makes him strong is his ability to draw in people. Even after his betrayal, William was forgiven and accepted back as a captain.

13. Patolli (Dark elf)

Patolli is the former leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, a terrorist group, and the current leader of elves who live in the forbidden zone in the Heart Kingdom. Patolli has a four-leaf clover grimoire. He is the user of Light magic and Demon Light magic (after becoming a dark elf).

With his enormous mana reserves and proficiency in magic control combined with the fastest light magic, Patolli is capable of wiping out an entire kingdom in a matter of seconds.

Strongest character in Black Clover
Patolli | Source: Fandom

In his Dark elf form, he can use Demon Light Magic, which generates and manipulates black light, which can affect spells and magic from the underworld like Yami and Asta’s magic.

12. Yuno

Yuno is Asta’s rival and the owner of the legendary four-leaf clover grimoire. He is a royal, loved by mana. Sylph, the wind spirit, is his partner.

Strongest character in Black Clover
Yuno | Source: Fandom

Yuno is a prodigy when it comes to magic. He mastered the Mana zone (a skill used by high-level mages) in a short time and can transform himself by merging with Sylph.  Licht and Lumiel recognized that he is a genius who learns new things immediately.

After the time skip, he becomes the vice-captain of Golden Dawn. Now for a rookie who just joined the team to become a vice-captain, he sure has excellent capabilities. Overall, his incredible grimoire and large mana reserves make him one of the most powerful mages in history.

Yuno Shows His True Power (Spirit Dive) - Yuno vs. Magic Knight Captain
Yuno Shows His True Power

11. Lolopechkha

Lolopechkha is the ruler of the Heart Kingdom and the priestess of the water spirit Undine. As a spirit summoner of the water spirit, she can generate and manipulate water. She inherits her powers and vast knowledge from the previous generation. Nevertheless, Undine mentions Lolopechka possesses immense magic power.

Strongest character in Black Clover
Lolopechka | Source: Fandom

She alone protects the Heart Kingdom by maintaining a powerful magic barrier. She can rival all the Magic Knights by herself. Her enhanced mana sensory is so powerful that it somehow works like security cameras. She can monitor everything that’s going on in her country.

Lolopechkha is more of a support type mage, but her knowledge and magic power significantly helped her comrades.

10. Fuegoleon Vermillion

Fuegoleon is the captain of Crimson Lion. As a member of the royal family, he possesses a massive amount of magic power. He is also a candidate for Wizard King. Salamander, the fire spirit, chooses to serve Fuegoleon. His Fire Magic takes the form of a lion.

Strongest character in Black Clover
Fuegoleon Vermillion | Source: Fandom

His calm and collected personality during alarming situations makes him a good strategist; due to this, he’s considered the smartest captain. He doesn’t discriminate against people’s social standing.

Mereoleona and Fuegoleon would often fight each other as children, mostly ending up as a tie. Mereoleona is like the powerhouse; sparring with her is no joke.

9. Yami Sukehiro

Yami Sukehiro is the fan-favorite captain of the Black Bull Magic Knight squad and is the user of another arcane stage magic — Dark Magic. Recently, in the manga, Yami has mastered both Ki and Mana Zone & has a new all-devouring spell — Black Moon Black Hole!

Strongest character in Black Clover
Yami Sukehiro | Source: Fandom

With Ki, a principle originating from Yami’s homeland, he can trace energy flowing in one’s body and predict his opponent’s next move. Along with mana sensing, his abilities get powered up to a great extent. His sole principle is to surpass his limits, and he encourages his members to follow the same.

Yami has referred to himself as a magic swordsman. With his dimension slash, he can cut through space, dimension, and even magic. Yami uses a spell that creates a black hole. He does look like a Yakuza, but he’s our classic isekai protagonist who has already defeated the demon lord and is now retired.

8. Mereoleona Vermillion

Mereoleona is the temporary captain of the Crimson Lion squad. Her character is fascinating and scary at the same time. Even our favorite captain Yami sweats bullets and runs away from her. Her motivation techniques can be brutal, but she deeply cares for her team.

Strongest character in Black Clover
Mereoleona Vermillion | Source: Fandom

She single-handedly defeated Vetto. Rather than relying on her magic, she fights with absolute brute force. Her Fire Magic takes the form of a lion’s paw. Rhya states that her magic power has nothing to do with being a royal; instead, it’s her unknown human strength.

We can estimate that she is a Stage zero mage since Noelle is Stage one, who is comparatively weaker than Mereoleona. In addition to being one of the strongest Fire Magic users, she is a master of hand-to-hand combat. She is also an expert in the Mana zone.

Her disinterest in politics gives her the alternative to lead a nomadic life while hunting animals and basking in natural mana, which explains her spartan personality. A grizzly bear is what comes to your mind whenever you think of Mereoleona.

7. Zagred

Zagred is a high-ranking devil and the antagonist of the Elf arc who created a five-leaf clover grimoire. It took Asta, Yuno, several other mages, Elves, and the already deceased Licht & Limiel to defeat him. He was responsible for the elf and human massacre.

Strongest character in Black Clover
Zagred | Source: Fandom

He uses Kotodama Magic, which is quite powerful. He can alter his surroundings through speech, manifest physical and magical objects, imitate others’ magic, and summon various monsters. He also uses Reincarnation magic.

 As he is a devil, he can possess people. Zagred could easily overpower everyone. Only Dark Magic and Anti Magic seemed to have any impact on him.

6. Vanica X Megicula

Vanica is a member of Dark Triad. With her Blood Magic, she can create giant monsters made out of the blood.

Her second magic attribute Curse-Warding Magic enables her to place different curses on people, slowly killing them or even resurrecting them. Like her siblings, she also has psychotic tendencies. She’s war crazy.

Strongest character in Black Clover
Megicula x Vanica | Source: Fandom

The infamous highest-ranking devil Megicula possesses Vanica. His personality is similar to his host, Vanica; hence they get along well. Megicula cursed Acier Silva, Noelle’s mother, killing her.  A similar curse is placed on Lolopechkha.

Vanica can use up to 70% of the devil’s power. Megicula’s Curse-Warding magic is powerful enough to affect a spirit. He is more powerful than Zagred.

5. Zenon X Devil

Zenon is a member of Spade Kingdoms Dark Triad. His Bone Magic is pretty lethal. He can generate and manipulate bones and turn them into sharp weapons. His magic attribute can also act as a barrier due to massive bone tangles offering no space for any magic to penetrate.

Strongest character in Black Clover
Zenon Zogratis | Source: Fandom

Zenon alone defeated the Diamond Kingdom’s army, including two Shining Generals who are as strong as Clover Kingdom’s Magic Knight Captains. He is a megalomaniac. He wouldn’t think twice before eliminating his enemies.

What makes him even more dangerous is that he is possessed by the highest-ranking devil and can use up to 80% of his powers. Other than Dark magic, no other magic is seen to affect Devils. As a devil host, he can almost control his devil’s Spatial Magic.

4. Prime Julius Novachrono

Julius is the current Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom. Although he has turned into a child now, his prime self is incredibly OP.

His grimoire is coverless and gigantic; you can’t tell how much magic power he has, but it sure is huge. Julius uses Time Magic to accelerate, decelerate, stop, or even reverse the flow of time.

Strongest character in Black Clover
Julius Novachrono | Source: Fandom

He revived himself from death! Like, come on, how strong can this man be. He is capable of trapping Light Magic, which is the fastest magic ever to exist.

He could’ve easily killed Patolli, but he chose to save the whole kingdom from Patolli’s attack instead and, in the very process, was stabbed by Patolli.  Through his spell Chrono Anastasis, he changed the entire Clover Kingdom’s time flow to save them. He is just out there being too strong for his good.

3. Asta X Liebe

In a world where magic reigns with Anti Magic or no magic powers, it makes them super unique and dangerous. The boy is headstrong and is just relying on his physical strength. 

Be it his misfortune or luck; he’s able to control Anti Magic without suffering since he has no magic power. However, he has not mastered his devil’s full potential. Asta ranks second when it comes to physical strength since, just like Mereoleona and Yami, Asta charges at his enemies with brute force.

Strongest character in Black Clover
Asta x Liebe | Source: Fandom

Asta can cut through, repel, and absorb magical attacks. He can wield four swords, which can negate the effects of magic. Asta can also use Ki, which works like a cheat skill in Asta’s case. After the time skip, his abilities have grown exceptionally well. He is now able to fly on his Anti-Magic sword.

Although Lucifero states that Liebe is a lower-ranking devil, still Liebe’s Anti Magic takes the rank way up. Nacht has mentioned Anti Magic is the strongest magic. Technically he can defeat high-ranking devils. As the protagonist of the show and wielder of Anti Magic, you can safely assume he has the potential to become the Wizard King.

2. Nacht X Devils

Nacht is the new mysterious vice-captain of the Black Bulls squad. Nacht is working undercover in the Spade Kingdom, infiltrating the Dark Triad.

He uses Shadow Magic, which enables him to travel between places like Spatial Magic. Nacht is seen suppressing Asta with shadow hands. His pretty-boy image shatters whenever he opens his mouth to speak; he’s quite hurtful with his words!

Strongest character in Black Clover
Nacht | Source: Fandom

Gimodelo, a chibi devil-like creature, is always on Nacht’s shoulder. Gimodelo’s real appearance is different from what we have seen. Four devils possess Nacht.

The Dark Triad is a crazy set of dangerous siblings, but Nacht could easily plan an escape from the Spade Kingdom without exposing himself. It is enough proof that he is a tough player. Even Gimodelo, a devil, is seen shuddering because of Nacht. Imagine a devil being scared of a human!

1. Dante X Lucifero

Dante, leader of Dark Triad, is the strongest character and antagonist in Black Clover so far. He is calm and collected but has a twisted mind. He believes malice is what makes humans supreme.

Although he despises his Body Magic,it makes him menacing. Even after his body is shredded into pieces, he can regenerate like a starfish, Yikes! The man won’t die. It doesn’t matter how fatal his wounds are; he can manipulate his body tissues allowing him to heal or repair his body even if it’s torn apart.

Strongest character in Black Clover
Dante x Lucifero | Source: Fandom

Dante is a crazy immortal villain who is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat and possesses excellent physical strength. Lucifero, the highest-ranking devil, possesses Dante. He can wield up to 80% of his devil’s power. He generally uses his devil’s Gravity Magic to manipulate gravity, put pressure on the surrounding area, and create a black hole.

A psychopath is what you can call him. Dante’s discontentment with life led him to the assassination of the Spade Kingdom’s royal family. You wouldn’t want to mess with a lunatic like him.

Dante cannot possibly be more terrifying than he already is, or can he? It is yet to be revealed.

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Yami is underrated, julius is overrated, nacht is overrated. First quickly on nacht, it is stated many times throughout the series that many low ranking devils is much weaker than a high ranking devil. This is proven by the fact that nacht attempts to aquire a weaker high ranking devil and gets shit on. The dark triad all have strong high ranking devils so they should be much stronger than nacht. Then on julius and yami, julius is much weaker than zagred as patolli was able to swap with julius, but a much stronger and more bloodlusted patolli was not even close to being able to swap with zagred. Also we know that zagred is much weaker than 80 percent dante, but yami was about equal to 60 percent dante, so post timeskip, yami is much stronger than zagred, so he sort of has to be stronger than julius by default.

Made an accounts just for this, you my guy, are very wrong about Julius. First of all Patolli was more stupid in his fight with Zagred, it wasn’t calculated like it was with Julius, it just happened randomly and he knew nothing about the devil, second Julius had to use a lot of mana and time to deal with Patolli trying to hurt civilians and third it is known that Julius held back during that fight because he didn’t want to hurt William’s body so he was limited to trying to restrain him, pretty sure he could’ve wiped the floor with him under different circumstances.

Julius is op af don’t disrespect him like that

None of what you jut said means that julius is stronger than zagred tho. Ofc Julius would have won, but the fact that patolli couldnt touch zagred means that zagred would have won by more. Also Zagred was winning against first wiz king and Licht combined so if you wanna say that Julius is that strong you kinda have to prove that he is stronger then first wiz king and licht combined. Obviously Julius is strong but hes not as strong as zagred and therefore no where near as strong as post timeskip yami.

Opera Codrut – YES! I absolutely agree with what you just said, Patolli doesn’t stand a chance against Julius! NOPE.

Dylan – Yes, I do think Yami is a little far down the list than he should be but I stand by everything else I wrote. I will surely upgrade Yami – also as far as Zenon vs Nacht is concerned, I need more data on his devil to rank him properly. So far, the only thing we know is that Zenon’s devil is the spatial devil who’s one of the top three along with Dante’s Lucifero. We’re yet to see the big bad boss though (the time devil).

Imaging Julius having the time devil LOL

Yeah, he’s damn strong. The new list will be out in a week. I’m waiting to see how Asta and Liebe “react” in the current situation now that they are out of the Devil Union mode.

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