Complete Star Wars: Rebels Watch Order Guide – Easily Rewatch Star Wars: Rebels

The tale of Ezra and his affair with the forgotten ways of the Jedi in Star Wars: Rebels remains Disney’s unique gift to the franchise.

Set after the birth of the Empire and before the rise of A New Hope, the spin-off is centered on the Rebel movement of the Galaxy. The result showed us the first time the Padawan-to-Jedi transformation was in all its glory.

The rough-edged orphan Ezra Bridger’s powerful Force abilities are discovered by the starship crew of one of Galaxy’s last remaining Jedi Knights, Kanan Jarrus.

When looking at where the whole series fits into the extended Star Wars universe, you can watch it after you finish the Prequel Trilogy and the other spin-off series, The Clone Wars, and before the Original Trilogy.

Let’s get into details and understand the different watch orders for Star Wars: Rebels.

1. Recommended: Release Order

Disney has not messed with its Rebels timeline. This means that the order of release of all four seasons is the order of chronology. Therefore, the best way to watch Star Wars: Rebels is per the release order.

TitleTypeAir Date
Star Wars: RebelsShorts- The Machine in the Ghost, Art Attack, Entanglement, and Property of Ezra Bridger2014
Star Wars: RebelsSeason 1 – 15 Episodes2014-15
Star Wars: RebelsSeason 2 Premiere TV Movie – “Siege of Lothal”2015
Star Wars: RebelsSeason 2 – 18 Episodes2015-16
Star Wars: RebelsSeason 2 Conclusion TV Movie – “Twilight of the Apprentice”2016
Star Wars: RebelsSeason 3 Premiere TV Movie – “Steps into Shadows”2016
Star Wars: RebelsSeason 3 – 9 episodes2016
Star Wars: RebelsSeason 3 Winter Premiere TV Movie – “Ghosts of Geonosis”2017
Star Wars: RebelsSeason 3 – 9 episodes (2017)2017
Star Wars: RebelsSeason 4 – 15 episodes2017-2018

2. Chronological Order

Both the chronological order and release order are the same. Thus, there isn’t much difference between the two watch orders.

  1. Star Wars: Rebels (Shorts) – The Machine in the Ghost, Art Attack, Entanglement, and Property of Ezra Bridger (2014)
  2. Star Wars: Rebels Season 1 – 15 episodes (2014-15)
  3. Star Wars: Rebels Season 2 Premiere TV Movie – “Siege of Lothal” (2015)
  4. Star Wars: Rebels Season 2 – 18 episodes (2015-16)
  5. Star Wars: Rebels Season 2 Conclusion TV Movie – “Twilight of the Apprentice” (2016)
  6. Star Wars: Rebels Season 3 Premiere TV Movie – “Steps into Shadows” (2016)
  7. Star Wars: Rebels Season 3 – 9 episodes (2016)
  8. Star Wars: Rebels Season 3 Winter Premiere TV Movie – “Ghosts of Geonosis” (2017)
  9. Star Wars: Rebels Season 3 – 9 episodes (2017)
  10. Star Wars: Rebels Season 4 – 15 episodes (2017-18)
Complete Star Wars Rebels Watch Order Guide – Easily Rewatch Star Wars Rebels Series
Star Wars Rebels | Source: IMDb

3. Are there any crossover episodes?

Although there are no official crossover episodes, several episodes feature characters and plotlines that directly connect to other Star Wars series:

Crossover Episodes with The Clone Wars

  • Season 2, Episode 3, “The Lost Commanders”: The beloved clone trooper from the Clone Wars, Captain Rex returns to assist the Ghost crew.
  • Season 2, Episode 4, “Relics of the Old Republic”: Ahsoka discovers a hidden Jedi temple containing artifacts
  •  from The Clone Wars era.
  • Season 2, Episode 6 “Brothers of Broken Horn”: Maul confronts the leader of Death Watch, Pre Vizsla. He was a primary antagonist in The Clone Wars.
  • Season 3, Episode 16, “Through Imperial Eyes”: This episode flashes back to Order 66, a pivotal event from the Clone Wars that led to the extermination of the Jedi Order.
  • Season 4, Episode 19, “Twin Suns”: Maul and Darth Vader have their duel, thus concluding the rivalry that existed in The Clone Wars.

Crossover with other Star Wars series:

  • Season 2, Episode 12, “A Princess on Lothal”: Princess Leia Organa first appears in Star Wars Rebels, foreshadowing her role in Star Wars films.
  • Season 3, Episode 21, “Legacy of Mandalore”: This episode features Sabine Wren. She is a Mandalorian character appearing in the Star Wars: The Mandalorian.
  • Season 4, Episode 13, “A World Between Worlds”: This episode explores the concepts of Force and time travel, which are explained in more detail in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Although they are not technically crossovers, these episodes greatly enhance the interconnectedness of the Star Wars universe, offering fans a more immersive and encompassing storyline.

4. Where to Watch Rebels in USA

TitleStreaming ServiceSubscription Fee
Star Wars RebelsDisney+$7.99/month
Star Wars RebelsAmazon Prime Video$12.99//MONTH
Star Wars RebelsGoogle PlayVaries
Star Wars RebelsDisney XDCable or satellite subscription required ($65)

5. Where to Watch Rebels Outside USA

Star Wars: RebelsDisney +, Apple TV +Disney +, Apple TV +Disney+, Prime VideoDisney +, Apple TV +, Telstra Tv
Star Wars: Rebels ShortsDisney+Disney+Disney+Disney+

6. Whether offline viewing is allowed?

WebsiteSubscription PackagesOffline Viewing Allowed
Disney+Monthly ($7.99), Annual ($79.99)Yes
Amazon Prime VideoMonthly (14.99)Yes
Google PlayVaries by episode or seasonYes
Disney XDCable or satellite subscription required ($65)No

7. What to do if Star Wars: Rebels is unavailable in your region?

If Star Wars: Rebels is unavailable on any streaming website in your area, you can use a VPN to bypass the geo-block. Some of the top VPN service providers in the game are ExpressVPN, Nord VPN, Proton VPN, Cyberghost, and Private Internet Access, to name a few.

All you have to do is connect to a country where Star Wars: Rebels is streaming. You can now watch the series even if unavailable in your region.

There are many unpaid VPN services at hand or free browser extensions. However, low-tier VPN providers might decrease your speed and block you from streaming services. Connection drops and unsecured encryption are also other disadvantages.

 Complete Star Wars Rebels Watch Order Guide – Easily Rewatch Star Wars Rebels Series
VPN | Source: Google Playstore

8. How long will it take to complete Star Wars: Rebels?

Watching Star Wars: Rebels will take 28 hours and 33 minutes, including all the episodes and shorts.

SeasonNumber of EpisodesRunning Time (minutes)
Season 115342
Season 222484
Season 322494
Season 416368
Spark of RebellionShorts3
The Droids Supply RunShorts3
The Lost ApprenticeShorts3
Droids in DistressShorts3
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9. About Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels is a four-season-long animated TV series animated and produced by Lucasfilm Animation. Rebels aired its first episode on October 14, 2014, and follows the story of rebels who make the rebellion happen against The Empire in the Star Wars Universe.

The plot revolves around a team of Rebels and clearly the most unique team combination we have seen in Star Wars so far. The rebel team is led by Jedi Knight Kenan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla – daughter of Cham Syndulla who once fought the Separatists with Jedi Master Windu during the Clone Wars.

We also have an R2D2-style astromech – Chopper, an ex-Mandalorian – Sabine Wren, and a Lasat – Garazeb Orellios. The team’s rebellion starts escalating quickly when they encounter a strong force-sensitive boy, Ezra Bridger on the planet of Lothal.

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