Shonen Jump’s Manga School Opens its Gates for 2nd Term! Applications Out!

Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine is one of the leading publishers of manga worldwide.

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Over the years, it has helped many authors and illustrators by recognizing their work and transforming their products into global bestsellers.

Every year, thousands of people decide to turn into professional mangaka. Unfortunately, many of them don’t succeed for several reasons, including lack of funds, poor health, and inability to work with big publishing houses.

To provide proper training and guidance to upcoming mangakas, Shonen Jump had come up with a unique idea – its very own manga school!

Shonen Jump’s Manga School has opened applications for its second term and will accept applicants till June 28.

Shonen Jump’s Manga School is open for the second term.

Works by the first term graduates have been published in Shonen Jump and other magazines. The author of “Blue Box,” Koji Miura, is a graduate of this school.

We are waiting for the application!

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Interested candidates can check the school’s official website to fill out the application form. A total of 50 candidates will be selected by the editorial department of Shonen Jump, Jump+, and Jump SQ for the course.

Applicants will also need to pay an entry fee of 17, 200 Yen (US$ 156.72).

The course will begin on September 3 and continue till December 10. Lectures will be provided by a number of distinguished authors and members of the editorial team.

Weekly Shonen Jump’s Deputy Editor – Yu Saito,  Tatsuki Fujimoto – the author of popular manga “Chainsaw Man” and Yuto Tsukuda- the mangaka of “Food Wars” are some of the big names involved in the course.

The Manga School has been quite a success in its first term. Koji Miura, the author of “Blue Box,” is a graduate of this school. Altogether, the graduates of the first term have published nine serialized works and 24 one-short works!

Shonen Jump’s Manga School Opens Its Gates For 2nd Term! Applications Out!
My Hero Academia | Source: Wikipedia

Shonen Jump is the home of popular franchises like Hunter x Hunter, One Piece, and My Hero Academia. It is possible that the next big franchise joining this illustrious list could be a product of one of the school’s graduates!

And considering the success rate of the first term, that day could be very near!

We wish all the candidates good luck on their journey with Shonen Jump. We hope to see their works getting published pretty soon!

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