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MoonKnight Disney+ Series Updates

Disney is on a roll this year and after SDCC, Kevin Feige and the team are now back with more exciting news at the D23 event.

Although the fans are upset over the failure of negotiations between Disney and Sony regarding Spider-Man, the announcement of Disney+ series like MoonKnight, She-Hulk, and Ms. Marvel might be the reason for cheer.
Disney now has a total of eight shows in line, and many of them are already in the works.

She-Hulk, and Ms. Marvel series and more details will be available as the D23 event progresses. But we have some updates regarding the Moon Knight series. Disney confirmed a MoonKnight series at the D23 Disney event, and it probably won’t be R-Rated like Daredevil and The Punisher.

Disney originally thought that the series was going to be much darker than anticipated. That approach and idea were eventually scrapped meaning MoonKnight will now be far more family-friendly. Gruesome MoonKnight scenes ripped straight from the comics seem highly unlikely which may be disappointing unless we are in for a surprise.

Who will play MoonKnight?

Now, there are talks that Shia Labeouf and Andrew Garfield are being eyed for the role of MoonKnight in the new Disney+ series. MoonKnight has gone through several reboots and changes, so it’s already difficult for Marvel to cast for a new part into the already established Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There is not always a clear choice for a new actor, but some rumours have been doing the rounds. If the thought of Shia Labeouf terrifies you and gives you nightmarish flashbacks of Transformers movies, then worry not because he is not the only actor under consideration. Andrew Garfield, the Amazing Spiderman actor, is also under consideration.

Shia Labeouf though is being seriously considered, and jokes aside, he has undoubtedly developed in recent years. His last film The Peanut Butter Falcon was an entertaining movie which did show a fair amount of potential. Marvel may cast him and reignite his career as they did for Chris Evans and Robert Downey Junior a few years ago.

Who is MoonKnight?

MoonKnight’s real name is Mark Spector and his powers are mostly of supernatural origins in the early comics. MoonKnight is not notably famous but has an enormous number of potential stories. He is often regarded as Marvel’s Batman and is an anti-hero.

The Modern MoonKnight is a vigilante and is largely missing conventional superpowers. He primarily trains himself hard and uses ultra-high-tech gadgets. What makes him an interesting character is his ever-changing personality, like the Joker. MoonKnight suffers from multiple personality disorder and has a dichotomy been both bad and good, continually struggling between the two.

MoonKnight has a saddening arc from being a mercenary to an anti-hero. The confirmation of his Disney+ series gives the chance to show people a new story with a modern anti-hero.

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