Shazam Vs Black Adam not coming soon

We will have to wait for the Shazam vs. Black Adam movie for a few years. Shazam actor Zachery Levi has said that they want to save the big showdown between Black Adam and Shazam for the end.

For those who missed all the developments in the DC Universe, Shazam! was released in 2019 and received positive reactions. The movie showed us the more colorful side of the DC universe with a pinch of humor and revived the DCEU.

The success of Shazam prompted DC and Warner Bros. to move forward with a sequel. The news is that we can expect Shazam! 2 in 2021/2022 and Shazam! 3 in 2023. The chances are that the Black Adam movie will appear between Shazam! 2 and Shazam! 3.

The Fifth Shazam! the movie will probably be the Shazam! vs. Black Adam showdown is likely to come out around 2024-2025. DC Comics and Warner Bros. may have learned from their mistakes and will slow things down with Shazam and the entire DC universe.

The failure of movies like Batman vs. Superman and Justice League was a wake-up call for DC. Now, they seem to have changed their approach and are working on building their characters slowly. The problem with the Justice League live-action movie was the over-crowding of compelling characters with no character development. That failure was a huge lesson, and now DC is taking a more careful approach with its characters.

Dwayne Johnson is playing the villain Black Adam and says that Black Adam deserves a separate movie of his own. The story and background of the character are so compelling that he deserves a standalone film.

What do we know about the Shazam series?

The movie Shazam! showcased the formation of the Shazam! family in the climax. The Shazam family is expected to get more screen time in future films, and Mary Mary; the alter ego of Freddy will likely have a significant role. There is a high expectation from Shazam! the franchise, and we hope DC will deliver.


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