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Pumpkin Night on Hiatus! Manga’s Artist Says He Needs Time to Catch Up

What happens when the person you bullied as a kid comes back for revenge and starts killing people? Pumpkin Night is a psychological thriller manga-based exactly on that.

Written by Masaya Hokazono and illustrated by Seima Taniguchi, it is a story about a girl, Naoko Kirino, who escaped from a mental institution and is now out for the blood of everyone who bullied her.

However, you won’t be seeing more of the manga for the time being.

Pumpkin Night manga announced its hiatus in July as the artist, Seima Taniguchi, needs time to draw and catch up to the writer, Masaya Hokazono’s story. 

They explained that even though a new chapter was released every two weeks, the production of the magazine is still slow, and was becoming difficult to keep up with the story.

The hiatus will give time to Taniguchi to draw the manga and catch up to Hokazono’s story.

After all, nobody likes badly drawn manga. It wouldn’t do justice to Masaya’s plot and vision for the manga.

Taniguchi is known to have an incredible and clean art style which fans adore and is the reason they want to read more of the manga.

The manga began its serialization on LINE Manga in October 2016 and has been going on since then. Though we won’t be getting a regular update now due to the break till July.

The manga has released over 61 chapters till now before going on a break.

The franchise and LINE Digital Frontier have compiled and published a total of five book volumes till now. Masaya even launched a prequel of the series called Naoko: Pumpkin Night Gaiden in June 2020.

We hope that the artist catches up because it would be difficult to wait anymore for the new chapters.

About Pumpkin Night

Pumpkin Night is a horror manga by Masaya Hokazono and Seima Taniguchi, published in October 2016.

The manga follows a deranged girl who adopts the name “Pumpkin Night” when she escapes from a mental hospital by killing all the nurses and patients.

She goes out in the world, seeking bloody vengeance against a group of teenagers who played a prank on her and ruined her life back in middle school.

Source: LINE Manga

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