Anime Conventions Back From the Dead with Otakon 2021 in Washington DC

Every otaku has lost hope about attending a fan convention or a cosplay event, let alone an anime convention.

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In 2020, many techs and gaming conventions quickly adapted to the new normal – online events. But, anime conventions fell behind because the main charm was the fan interactions themselves.

However, now that we are in the redemption arc of 2021 and with the availability of vaccines, the light at the end of the tunnel is near!

Recently the Otakon convention announced that they would hold an in-person Otakon 2021 event from 6th to 8th August at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C, USA. 

They are tagging the convention as “The Con at The End of The Rainbow” and rightfully so because fans had been waiting for this for too long!

At the Otakon 2021, staff has informed that there will be guests and panel discussions. Also included will be Cosplay, Photoshoots, and Masquerade, an essential part of Otakon.

Artists and dealers who registered for Otakon 2020 will be rolled over to 2021 as well.

The staff has also stated some possible changes at Otakon 2021 as there will be no international guests due to travel and quarantine restrictions

Additionally, the con will have shortened hours. Some high-traffic events, such as the Otakon dance, will not be held. These changes are implemented according to the guidelines of the CDC and local governments to ensure the safety of the members.

Last year, the Otakorp president, Brooke Zerrlaut, had announced that the 25-year-old Otakon could be permanently shut down due to 2020 being canceled.

However, Otakon collected 34,000 dollars in donations with the community’s support, which helped them keep the convention afloat.

After facing so much trouble in 2020, Otakon is genuinely a con at the end of the rainbow! We can wait for other anime conventions to come back up and help elevate the mood.

Excitement for August is high among the otakus as many events such as cosplay and photoshoots are finally coming back!

Source: Otakon Official Website

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