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Onipan! ‘s New Promo Video Discloses Connection Between Noririn and Noriko

Just when you thought that anime plots could not get weirder, Onipan! was thrown our way to prove us wrong. This anime is all about cute demons mending the relationship between their kind and humans with the power of…underwear!?

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The show began streaming on April 11, 2022, consisting of short 14-minute episodes focused on three demon kids. They go on various adventures to eradicate the terrible perspective humans have for demonkind.

When they’re not going around breaking demon stereotypes, Tsutsuji, Tsuyukusa, and Himawari become idols or participate in various school events.

Onipan! ‘s new trailer has revealed the true identity of the top idol Noririn as Noriko Issun. Her voice actor Miyu Tomita will also voice Noririn.

The franchise also revealed that Noriko transforms into Noririn by using a magical mallet passed down to her by her ancestors.

TV anime “Onipan! ] The second PV ban has been lifted! The new theme song is “OniYaba!” | Broadcasting every day on TV Tokyo series “Oha Suta”! 

Knowing Noriko’s eccentric and awkward personality, it’s quite the irony that she transforms into the most popular idol Noririn. I won’t be surprised if Tsutsuji will be oblivious of this till the end.

Moreover, in the upcoming episode 6, Noririn will sing “Tokimeki♡Wonderland” (Heart-Throbbing Wonderland). The show also changed its ending theme to “Oni Yaba—!” performed by the “Onipanzu!” group formed by the tritagonist’s voice actors.


Thank you for watching today

Finally, Noririn’s true identity is revealed …! !!

It was Noriko (cv: #Miyu Tomita) who transformed into a treasure, a gavel of launch!  

However, it seems that only the azalea is not aware of it …?

Tomorrow, the important gavel will be difficult ⁉️

What happens to Noriko!

Look forward to tomorrow

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The “Oni Yaba—!” song is also previewed in the new trailer that shows the demon trio’s upcoming adventures. Along with traveling to various places, the girls encounter a powerful and scary demon boss.

As bizarre as it sounds, the anime makes up for the tiger-print underpants with the cute characters and hilarious plotlines.

I can’t say that I’m too excited for the next episode, but I want to see what they come up with this time.

About Onipan!

Onipan! is an original anime from WIT Studio. Its original creator is Norihiro Naganuma.

The anime is based in a world where humans and oni live together. In spite of living harmoniously, some bad rumors about the oni still circulate among the masses.

The three protagonists want to improve the reputation of onis. Their key weapon is onipan or oni’s underwear.

Source: Onipan! Anime’s Official Website

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