PV Discloses Connection btw Noririn & Noriko


By Epic Dope Staff | May 21, 2022

Just when you thought that anime plots could not get weirder, Onipan! was thrown our way to prove us wrong.

Onipan! ‘s new trailer has revealed the true identity of the top idol Noririn as Noriko Issun. Her voice actor Miyu Tomita will also voice Noririn.

The franchise also revealed that Noriko transforms into Noririn by using a magical mallet passed down to her by her ancestors.

Knowing Noriko’s eccentric and awkward personality, it’s quite the irony that she transforms into the most popular idol Noririn.

In the upcoming episode 6, Noririn will sing “Tokimeki♡Wonderland” (Heart-Throbbing Wonderland).

I can’t say that I’m too excited for the next episode, but I want to see what they come up with this time.