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NOS4A2 Review: Is It Good? Is It Worth Watching?

NOS4A2 is a frustrating show that spoils one of the best and most critically acclaimed novels by Joe Hills. The supernatural horror show in the AMC network stars Ashleigh Cummings, Zachary Quinto, and Jahkara Smith. NOS4A2 suffers because of its weak script and the teenage drama spin it puts in the classic horror story’s adaption.

1. Quick Review

NOS4A2, which is pronounced Nosferatu, makes you believe that it has an immersive horror story based on vampires and myths but instead gives you a run of the mill teenage drama that is not even scary.

While the costumes and makeup department do a fabulous job, they appear to be the only ones working as the actors turn in lazy performances on a weak script.

It is unfortunate to see that the script takes constant detours even though creator Jamie O’Brian has a clear idea about which parts of the book he would incorporate to attract a large audience. NOS4A2 is a mediocre horror show at best with only a few bits that bring genuine scares.

2. Is It On HULU?

Yes, NOS4A2 is available to stream on HULU and FuboTV. All the information and watch links for the show are listed below


Air Date: June 2, 2019 Status: Airing Studio: O’Brian Constructions, AMC Studios, No. of Seasons: 2 No. of Episodes: 20
Watch NOS4A2 on:

3. Is It Worth Watching?

The name of the novel and the show comes from the number-plate of the 1938 Rolls-Royce Wraith that the Vampire Charlie Manx drives. When that is the only exciting thing about the lead character who sounds like he is in a perpetual daze, you have to wonder where the show is going.

NOS4A2 Official Trailer - WonderCon 2019
NOS4A2 Official Trailer

I. Plot

The story revolves around a young biker girl named Victoria McQueen, who discovers that she has a weird supernatural power. Victoria, who has always been riding, be it bicycles or motorbikes, realizes that she can find lost things. If she rides her bike fast enough, she can cross the long-destroyed Shorter Way Bridge and find people, places, and things that others have forgotten about.

In a Chauffer’s uniform, a vampire named Charlie Manx has been terrorizing Massachusetts and kidnapping kids. He uses them to prolong his eternal life and draws his powers by sucking out the happiness from their bodies, activities which are unlike any vampire in history.

After kidnapping the children and absorbing their youth and happiness, he dumps their husky, hollow bodies in a twisted village that he calls Christmasland. It is always Christmas in Christmasland, and you’re not allowed to be unhappy.

When Vic realizes her powers can help her teleport to lost things, she starts looking for the children that have disappeared. This makes her cross paths with Manx, and she must figure out a way to thwart him before she loses her sanity or becomes one of his puppets.

II. Cast & Characters

Ashleigh Cummings has bagged a lead role for the first time in her career and uses the opportunity to give a power-packed performance as Victoria. She is convincing as the teenage badass and shows her emotional side when we see her abusive and absent parents.

NOS4A2 Review & Cast
NOS4A2 Cast | Source: LA TImes

The same cannot be said about Zachary Quinto as Charlie Manx, who drowns under the layers of intricate makeup and costumes. He is not scary, and as the show’s primary villain, it makes NOS4A2 not frightening. He is not a convincing antagonist, which is the bedrock of a story with an absurd villain.

Virginia Kull and Ebon Moss-Bacharach give immersive performances as Victoria’s abusive and alcoholic parents Linda and Christopher.

III. Detailed Review

It would be hard to wrap the entirety of Joe Hill’s novel in a television series, and so O’Brian decides to focus on Victoria’s teenage years that are filled with adventures. He uses flashbacks to her childhood to show how Vic’s parents were always away drinking or getting into fights, and her only solace was her bicycle, which was her means of escape.

But NOS4A2 gives into the teenage stereotypes and incorporates many unnecessary subplots involving love triangles and best friends. This takes away from the horror element of the show, which could use better character development and a more reliable link between Charlie and Manx.

NOS4A2 Review
NOS4A2 | Source: HULU

The visuals are great, and Manx’s makeup that makes him look old is intricately put together. In many of the close-up shots, he looks great, and some parts of Christmastown are designed well and give you some chills. But such moments are few and far between, and the story takes a long time to get going.

4. Grade


Story: B-

Cinematography/Animation: A-

Direction: B

Music: B-

Direction: C+

5. Final Thoughts

NOS4A2 has a lot of potential and room for improvement by careful adaptation of the source material. By throwing out the unnecessary stuff and incorporating better plotlines, the show can do a lot better and outperform many other teenage horror shows on OTT Platforms.

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